Stephen Colbert Tells David Letterman He Turned Down "The Late Show" Twice Over The Past 28 Years

    And he reveals a top 10 list he submitted 17 years ago.

    Stephen Colbert joined David Letterman on The Late Show on Tuesday for the first time since it was announced he's taking over the show in 2015.

    The current host introduced the "very talented, always entertaining" Colbert, who took in what could be his new office...

    And even Letterman noticed it suited him.

    Colbert explained to Letterman that he feels lucky to be his Late Show successor, especially after turning the show down twice before.

    Because it was unpaid.

    But, Colbert did save the top 10 he and Dinello, who currently works on The Colbert Report, submitted in Christmas of 1997.

    He even put it on Letterman's signature blue notecards.

    And here it is:

    Letterman approved.

    Watch some of the interview here:

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