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    A Brand-New "Frozen" Short Is Coming In Spring 2015

    Can't hold it back anymoooooooore.

    Walt Disney Animation

    Olaf may be finding out what snow does in the heat sooner than we thought!

    On Tuesday, Walt Disney Animation Studios announced a new animated short Frozen Fever, coming in the spring of 2015.

    The short, from the 2013 film's Oscar-winning directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, will center on a birthday party Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) are throwing for Anna (Kristen Bell). Olaf (Josh Gad) will also appear in Frozen Fever, produced by Frozen's Peter Del Vecho.

    Fans of the record-breaking film can also look forward to an all-new original song by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the Oscar-winning songwriting team behind "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and "Let It Go."

    Walt Disney / Via

    Is it springtime yet?

    Walt Disney / Via

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