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Joshua Jackson Approves Of This Reimagined "Dawson's Creek" Pilot

Mae Whitman read for Dawson Leery with Patrick J. Adams as her Joey during the epic event at the ATX Television Festival.

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There was an epic Dawson's Creek pilot script reading at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas on Sunday.

#DawsonsCreek script reading cast!!! #ATXTVs4

The show's creator Kevin Williamson read the stage direction...

The Dawson's Creek pilot script reading was amazing! Gender swaps FTW! ##ATXTVs4

And Kerr Smith, who played Jack McPhee on the series, read for Jen Lindley, who was basically Jack's soul mate.

Kerr Smith, the original Jack McPhee, is reading Jen Lindley! #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4

Parenthood alum Mae Whitman was Dawson Leery, and Suits star Patrick J. Adams read Joey Potter.

Mae Whitman as Dawson Leery. Patrick J. Adams as Joey Potter. #ATXTVs4


Rectify's Abigail Spencer read for Pacey.

.@abigailspencer as Pacey and Kerr Smith as Jen! #DawsonsCreek #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4

Friday Night Lights' Louanne Stephens was fittingly Grams; the actors who played Billy and Mindy Riggins on FNL — Derek Phillips and Stacey Oristano — were Dawson's parents, Mitch and Gail; and The Vampire Diaries alum Arielle Kebbel was Tamara Jacobs.

Derek Phillips and Stacey Oristano are playing husband & wife, Mitch & Gail Leery #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4

Rounding out the panel was Orphan Black's Kristian Bruun as Joey's sister Bessie and bitchy classmate Nellie Oleson, and Revenge alum Nick Wechsler as Bessie's boyfriend Bodie and Capeside film teacher Mr. Gold.

No surprise, @TheBruun is the secret weapon of this reading as Bessie/Nellie. Hilarious! #DawsonsCreek #ATXTVs4

Before the panel began, Oristano gave Whitman, an FNL obsessive, a photo of Tim Riggins from the actual Riggins home. He basically presided over the reading.

Kevin Williamson, Mae Whitman as Dawson, Patrick J. Adams as Joey, and Tim Riggins #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4


Whitman and Adams nailed the Dawson-Joey dynamic from the start.

It was pretty impressive.

Patrick J. Adams and Mae Whitman really have the Dawson-Joey dynamic down #ATXTVs4 #DawsonsCreekScriptRead

OK, REALLY impressive.

It's just too good #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4

And in the end...

It's happening! #DawsonsCreekScriptRead


Whitman nailed the kicker.

"Usually in the morning with Katie Couric" #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4

Basically, it was epic.

The best #DawsonsCreekScriptRead #ATXTVs4

Longtime Williamson collaborator Julie Plec, who was in the audience for the script reading, tweeted about Spencer's Pacey prowess... and Jackson chimed in.

@julieplec @abigailspencer @ATXFestival I feel pacey is in good hands. Did she go bowl cut or unfortunate goatee/hockey hair combo?

He even deemed Spencer an honorary Witter.

@abigailspencer classic, elegant. I knew we would be well represented. Welcome to the witter family.