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Kate Burton Was In "The First Wives Club" Before She Was A ShondaLand Star

And, unlike Sally Langston, she was getting frisky in bed.

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Kate Burton has been a staple of ShondaLand since starring as former expert surgeon Ellis Grey, the Alzheimer's-stricken mother of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), on the first season of Grey's Anatomy.

Then she went on to play right wing, Jesus-loving Vice President (and murderer) Sally Langston on Shonda Rhimes' follow-up hit series Scandal.

But before she became a go-to player in the unofficial Rhimes repertory, Burton was starring on stage and appearing in minor on-screen roles, including one in the 1996 comedy The First Wives Club.

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In Burton's scene, divorceés Annie MacDuggan (Diane Keaton), Elise Elliot (Goldie Hawn), and Brenda Morelli (Bette Midler) try to escape the apartment of Brenda's ex-husband (Dan Hedaya) via window-washing cart.

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Unfortunately for Annie, Elise, and Brenda, they get stuck as they scale down the luxe apartment building, and stop right in front of the window of a couple having sex.

Burton's character (along with theater director, choreographer, and actor Walter Bobbie, who won the Tony for Best Director of a Musical for the Chicago revival in 1997) recognizes Oscar-winning actress Elise.

And the only person more pleasantly surprised to see Burton than Shonda lovers is Elise.

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