Jihadis Are Tweeting That They Hate Robin Williams

Because of a joke he made about jihad in 2002.

While most of the internet was mourning the loss of Robin Williams on Monday, celebrating his life and performances on Twitter and Facebook, others were actively celebrating his death.

Williams made some inflammatory comments about Islam in a stand-up sketch entitled “Jihad” as part of his 2002 comedy special Robin Williams: Live on Broadway.

2. Here’s the sketch:

3. Twelve years later, some apparent jihadis and their sympathizers haven’t forgotten it.

For those who talk about the khanzer Robin Williams, you need to double check your Al-Wala' Wal Bara' aqeeda #ISIS http://t.co/jv09gajduT

— Abu Bakr Al-Janabi (@Alansarialjanab)

@Alansarialjanab he committed suicide, cross dressed for a living and defames our religion may Allah give him what he deserves in the akhira

— Abu Hamzah AlNabilsi (@abuhamzah1948)

ISIS supporters talking Robin Williams. Twitter has reached the singularity

— Alex Horton (@AlexHortonTX)

9. H/T to Liam Stack of the New York Times:

I am really enjoying watching jihadi types on Twitter respond to the death of Robin Williams. Sometimes I just love the Internet so much.

— Liam Stack (@liamstack)

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