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23 Reasons "Jane The Virgin" Deserves All The Emmys


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1. Firstly, this was the show's Emmy campaign, which is both sexy and self-aware.

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Rogelio (Jaime Camil), our brogelio, can totally make fun of himself. (And yes, he looks good because duh.)

2. But there was also this, which showcased all the inspirational sentiments Jane the Virgin herself, Gina Rodriguez, has shared since the show was picked up by The CW in 2014.


3. Like, she's a proud Latina.

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"Every role that I’ve chosen has been ones that I think are going to push forward the idea of my culture, of women, of beauty, my idea of liberating young girls, of feeling that they have to look at a specific beauty type," she said at the Television Critics Association a year ago (pictured with co-star Justin Baldoni). "I wanted [my first big role] to be a story that was going to liberate young girls and say, ‘Wow, there we are too, and we’re the doctors, and we’re the teachers, and we’re the writers, and we’re the lawyers, and I can do that too. And I don’t have to be a perfect size 0. I can be a perfect size me.' And that’s what I live. So Jane, I waited for her patiently. And now she’s here. And thank you for being here with us. Because this is a dream come true to me.”

5. But she's not just championing Latinas, she's standing up for women everywhere.

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“Jane was a woman I wish I was more like … You seldom get the opportunity to even audition for a woman that is so strong and empowering and fearless and driven and a virgin!" she said at PaleyFest in March 2015 (pictured with Jane the Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman). "It was an opportunity to talk about being a woman, being strong, talk about women’s choices.”

6. The premise of the show — a virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated and falls for the sperm's original owner— may sound silly, but Jane the Virgin presents both sides of hot button issues, like abortion.

It wasn't even black and white for Jane's uber-religious grandma Alba (Ivonne Coll).


13. You can't fit it into a box because it is a mystery, comedy, drama, telenovela, and basically kicking all other series' asses.


22. But more than anything, it will warm the coldest corners of your heart.

23. Besides, we all deserve more of these awards show selfies.


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