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Here's How An Erect Penis Ended Up In "The Night Before"

There is a penis in the new comedy The Night Before that will shock you. At BuzzFeed Brews, producer and star Rogen explained the hilarious lengths they went to to make sure the MPAA allowed it to be shown.

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The new holiday movie The Night Before stars Seth Rogen (Isaac), Anthony Mackie (Chris), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Ethan) as three friends who go hard one final Christmas Eve before Isaac becomes a father.

And during a BuzzFeed Brews this week, Rogen explained how hard (Sorry! 😁) it was to get that penis in the movie.


"I don't know whose dick it actually is. It was hard to get those dicks in the movie. It's hard to get a dick in a movie, especially when the dick is supposed to be erect because the MPAA does not like erect penises."

So they came up with a pretty solid case.

"And we had to argue that it was a large flaccid penis that was just flopped up, giving it the impression of being erect, but in fact, it was completely soft, just happened to be flopped up on the man’s tummy where you can't tell what's going on."

Luckily, they had the help of "a 60-year-old woman at Sony whose job it is to ... make sure these things get in the movie." (🙌 her)

"We literally had more conversations about this dick than anything else in the entire movie because it was hard to get the dicks through. There is like a 60-year-old woman at Sony whose job it is to work with us to make sure these things get in the movie. And she has to sit in a room with us for hours, looking at pictures of dicks and discussing… 'Is that one too flopped up, could we argue?' 'Is it too veiny?' 'Does that hurt our case?'"

Watch the full, hilarious video here:

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OK, just one more time:


Rogen's character in the film is Isaac. This post previously misstated that it was Ethan, who is actually Gordon-Levitt's character. We regret the error, but still not this post. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for pointing it out!