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Drake Rocked His Yarmulke And Vest Again For His Re-Re-Bar Mitzvah On "SNL"

Unfortunately, he did not reenact his signature moves.

In his opening monologue on SNL, first-time host Drake talked about being Canadian, his Degrassi: The Next Generation past, and, of course, being Jewish.

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"Having a Jewish mother and a black father made for a very interesting bar mitzvah," he said before re-enacting his bar mitzvah.

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And yes, that sign says, "Mazel Tov Aubrey," which is Drake's real name.

He even wore the infamous vest from the bar mitzvah flashback clips in his re-bar mitzvah "HYFR" video.

Which @Drake wore it better? #SNL #Drake

In honor of becoming a Jewish man, young Aubrey announced he'd henceforth be known as Drake.

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Though his mother wanted him to go by "Dracob."

And 13-year-old Drake was ready to show off his skills.


He started things off to the tune of the traditional "Hava Nagila."


And then he launched into a full-fledged rap that included choice lyrics like...


And he stopped for a mid-rap prayer with his Uncle Larry about Yeezus and Kim Kardashian.


Even though Drake didn't manage to work this move into the monolgue...

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There's only one thing left to say.

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