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Don't Expect To See Nasim Pedrad On "SNL" Next Season

After five seasons on the NBC sketch comedy series, the actress doesn't think it's likely she'll be able to do both and Fox's Mulaney.

AUSTIN — Nasim Pedrad doesn't think the chances are high that she'll return to Saturday Night Live next season.

The actress joined Fox's multi-camera comedy Mulaney in December as Jane, one of John Mulaney's roommates, just a few months after the network announced it was picking up the series for the 2014–2015 season. Ever since, it's seemed unlikely that Pedrad would return to SNL for the show's 40th season, especially considering the fact that the series film on opposite coasts (SNL in New York and Mulaney in Los Angeles).

While sitting on a Mulaney panel at the ATX Television Festival on Sunday, Pedrad all but confirmed that the rumors are true.

"I haven't heard any official word so far, but I love this show so much," the actress said of Mulaney. "I have an apartment in L.A. and, as far as I know, I'm in L.A. now." Pedrad added that most SNL cast members join the sketch comedy series in hopes of it leading to an opportunity like Mulaney and that if there was a way to do both, she would. "But I think we're all in with this show," she reiterated of Mulaney.

Earlier in the panel, Mulaney, a writer on SNL who was behind Pedrad's legendary Arianna Huffington sketches, said the actress was able to film both shows when production overlapped for a brief while.

An NBC spokesperson said no casting decisions for SNL's upcoming season have been made at this time.