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This Is How Celebrities Reacted To Prince's Death

"Today is the worst day ever." —Boy George

Right now there are no words that can express the feelings we all have for our dear brother Prince... Thank you! https://t.co/Ou3PrL24Xy

My heart is broken. There are no words. I love you!

"Dearly beloved We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called Life..." -Prince

I Miss My Brother. Prince Was A Funny Cat. Great Sense Of Humor. https://t.co/67umQghtbi

And just like that...the world lost a lot of magic ✨ Rest in peace Prince! Thanks for giving us so much...

Just heard about Prince ....can't believe it ....... - KU

R.I.P PRINCE, another icon gone to soon

Oh my god I can’t believe that Prince has died…he was a great great talent…RIP

Prince was the Mozart "bad boy" of rock, soul & funk--w' a heart of gold. Supported our causes. RIP. @EBONYMag @naacp

We've lost the greatest artist of my generation. I danced on stage with him when milo was in my belly. Prince, I will forever love you. #RIP

I'm Crushed!! UK news reporting Prince Is Dead?! For Real?! Massive Loss for us all! What a Genius! Speechless.

Absolutely stunned and heartbroken! #PRINCE

PRINCE, sad to say, has passed on!!! He was a Giant. My deep condolences go out to his family, friends and fans.

Oh no!! I am devastated!! Cannot believe @Prince is dead! Shocking news. I❤️PrinceForever. 😩😭😪🙏RIP #purplerain

We've just lost an incredible talent! So sorry to hear about #Prince we will always love your music forever and ever! #RIPPrince

In absolute devastation today, I cry purple tears for the loss of my dear friend Prince. I will forever cherish you in my heart. #Prince

"Artist" & "Genius" are thrown around carelessly these days. Prince Rogers Nelson was an actual artist & a legit genius. I'm so sad #RIP

Prince can't die. He's Prince. If he can die it means 90 to 95% of us can die.

Today is the worst day ever. Prince R.I.P I am crying!

Prince was brilliant and larger than life. What a sad day.

Prince was the greatest live performer I ever saw. A musical genius ablaze with astounding, sexually charged energy. Loved him. RIP

Can’t even process this. There will never be another. Thank you for everything, Prince Rogers Nelson.

Meeting big stars is mostly disappointing in one way or another, but that was not the case w Prince. He was everything I hoped he'd be.

So sad to hear about this terrible loss, Prince was a visionary musician and artist. https://t.co/49ZY5IFpUL

Today the music has died again. My love to the family and friends of Prince. RIP. So say we all.!

I'm in complete shock. More than doves are crying today. Rest in power, Prince.

The Prince is dead. Long live the Prince.

I can't believe #Prince has passed. This is horrible news. #ripprince so sad :( :(

Just heard the news about Prince. We are losing all our greats. So sad .... Met him several times. Sweet man. The epitome of talent.

I'm so sad. Prince was a true creative genius. #RIPPrince.

In disbelief over this news... Rest In Power to the icon, the legendary... Prince #RIP ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

He was doing a post EMMY secret show in a tiny club. Maybe 40 people. He pulled me up on stage to dance w HIM. It was A MOMENT #PRINCE

Not Prince! Please no....So sad. #PurpleRain tears. #RIP

So sad to hear about the loss of Prince today. #RIP #legend #purplerain 💔

Im sooooo very sad right now... PRINCE can't die.

Sending love out to #Prince #AmericanGenius Thank you for all you gave us- https://t.co/fGX0MSfQd3 via @youtube

I'm stunned & so saddened to hear about the passing of Prince. He changed it all!!!! The true definition of talent!!

R. I. P to the King Prince thank u for inspiring me to be a Musician First and using this tool to heal people

Thank you Prince for years of great music... Now play for God

I can't even believe this. #RIP Prince....you inspired me, and blessed us with music for our souls for years. You will be missed!

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.. Prince R.I.P. Condolences to his family & 2 us all

I am shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Prince. A great brother and music genius.

Dang it... Truly hate hearing we lost Prince. Sad day..


Only now do we know what it sounds like When Doves Cry — the absence of music from loss of The Artist. RIP Prince (1958-2016)

A music legend #Prince The world has lost a bit of magic today. 🙏

Words cannot describe the gigantic crater left in the wake of the death of #Prince. This one truly hurts. RIP. The doves are crying.

Today the doves will be crying purple tears #Prince

My heart is broken. Prince man. One of the greatest. This one hurts like MJ.

I CANT BELIEVE IT. A Legand has fallen. LONG LIVE THE PRINCE. https://t.co/f6JH9ZG812… https://t.co/heQNPwlTJp

Once, Prince yelled from the stage that I could dance. He was likely yelling to the girl behind me, but it's still my happiest moment. RIP.

As a kid, #Prince was the one who crossed all musical divides - soul, punk, rock, dance, new wave, pop - and brought us all together. RIP ❤️

Lots of guitars gently weeping today #Prince #RIP https://t.co/NLi14Hn1NX

I'm so sad we've lost @prince the legend,the master,a musical juggernaut that knew no boundaries.He left indelible footprints in music.😔RIP

Unbelievable just heard about PRINCE. Strength and light to his family/loved ones. One of my favs and a true pioneering artist. RIP brotha.

Running out of living musical heroes, those we measure everything against, emulate, know we won't surpass but inspire us to try. #prince

"Paint a perfect picture. Bring to life a vision in one's mind. The beautiful ones. Always smash the picture. Always every time." #Prince xo

Rest In Paradise Prince and thank you for blessing us all with your work n presence 🙏🏾

RIP Prince,much love/respect,never forget how cool he was to me in Minneapolis at 1st Ave Club when Purple Rain was on fire! Only love HH

My heart hurts! Prince I had the chance to meet you years ago and you were so kind. This really… https://t.co/AvN9yVnvYn

RIP to @prince…a true artist in every sense of the word. Gone way too soon.

no one, no one, no one like Prince. Incomparable.

Thank you #Prince for all of your inspiration and sharing your incredible talents with the world. You will be incredibly missed. #RIP

I LOVED him, the world LOVED him. Now he's at peace with his Father. Rest in power, @prince, my brother.

" let your gift be guided by something more clear - Prince #RIPPrince https://t.co/rc8jDSK8GB

Seems like I’m in a dream. Prince dead at 57. There are no words to describe this loss.

My heart is broken. My entire adolescence was filled w his music. He'll be missed but his music will live forever🙏🏻 https://t.co/O6FYLftlWw

Prince was a true innovator and a singular artist. His music and influence will live on for generations. Rest in peace.

This is so heartbreaking💔 I had this Prince pic drawn on my wall years ago because his music inspired so many R.I.P😥

ALL HAIL: a vagenius of the highest order has vacated this realm. #RIP PRINCE ROGERS NELSON. nothing compares to U.

Prince, what a great musician and human being. Rest in Peace brother!!!

Omg..... RIP Prince.... 😨😔😢

We lost one of the greatest Artists who ever lived. Prince's music was the soundtrack to my life. RIP, Royal genius. Nothing compared 2 U...

I'm shocked to hear that Prince passed at such a young age. Musically, he could do it all: sing, play, arrange and produce. Love & Mercy

Prince was a true gentleman, a king among men. He was as sharp and as talented as they come. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to work with him

I think this awful news is true. Prince changed me. I'm speechless. Lump in my throat. There will never be another like him.

So shocked to report the death of Prince. Truly one of a kind genius. Electrifying live. His influence is everywhere

Shocked that @prince has died at only 57. Such a talent to have died so young #RIPPrince

I do not wanted to believe this. RIP @prince Thank you for your influence. G.O.A.T. You will be missed but your work will live forever.

Just in shock...too too soon. #RIP https://t.co/b6r2HkckEE

There will never be another 💔Purple Rain Prince AVI - YouTube https://t.co/yfP1j1XrJj

Deep tragedy. I'm so sorry for your loss Minneapolis. We will try and cheer you up for at least a little while tonight. #RIPPrince

I loved this Man. Too soon. Can't comprehend it but it's unfortunately true. Heaven is yours. RIP #Prince #RIPPrince

R.I.P. to the God Prince. Gone too soon but here forever. Sippin Purple Rain 4 the legend. There will never be another