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Brian Krakow Was In The "Mad Men" Premiere And He Finally Almost Got Lucky

Angela Chase, eat your heart out. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Mad Men fans know Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) hasn't been the luckiest when it comes to love.

But on the April 5 episode, things started to turn around for Peggy, who let Mathis (Trevor Einhorn) set her up with his brother-in-law Stevie...


That brother-in-law turned out to be played by Devon Gummersall, aka Brian Krakow from My So-Called Life, who also had some trouble with the ladies.

Peggy and Stevie's date started off like any other, with some small talk.

But things took a turn when Stevie got his food and the order wasn't right.

And Peggy didn't understand why he wasn't going to send it back.

(Speaking up was never Brian's forte.)

And actually, it turned out, Stevie liked that Peggy was vocal.

Then he said all the right things...

(Apparently, that's gotten better for him over the years.)

So, Peggy ate his veal and it was the cutest.

Then, they really started to hit it off.


So much so...

That they basically decided to go on a vacation together...

And by "next vacation," they meant RIGHT NOW.

Unfortunately, Pegs couldn't find her passport.


So they did some of this instead...


But Peggy had to force herself to resist Stevie's sexiness because she wants this to be more than just a one-night stand.

So they did a little more of this...

(Science boner 2.0)

And he respected her wishes.

Because he's a gentleman...

And you can take the Krakow out of Liberty High School, but you can't take the kindness out of the Krakow.

Your loss is Peggy's gain, Angela Chase (Claire Danes).

Totally worth the hangover.


Mad Men airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC

Devon Gummersall's character's name on Mad Men was Stevie, not Scottie as this post originally stated. The Brian Krakowness of it all just got to us.

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