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21 Reasons Why "Reign" Is Totally Worth Your While

SPOILER ALERT: They're all headbands!

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The CW's upcoming period drama Reign (premieres Thursday, Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT) certainly takes some liberties in terms of historical accuracy. Contemporary pop music, courtesy of The Lumineers, booms in the background of the 1557-set series that follows a teenage Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), who is betrothed to a perfectly primped and not at all sickly-looking Prince Francis (Toby Regbo).

But a major benefit of the CW's adaptation of the 16th century events is the wardrobe. They've traded in cupcake sleeves and constricting corsets for flowing gowns and, most noticeably, some incredible headpieces.


1. This "I'm back in France, bitches" statement silver headband.

2. This metallic botanic accessory that's more subtle than the accompanying swooning.

3. Catherine's crown. Bow down.


4. This headband that doesn't even need a headband because it's made of hair!

5. This three-strand beaded headpiece that would make Vanessa Hudgens drool.

6. This "business in the front, garden party in the back" look.

7. The mistress' ruby number.


8. This golden rope headpiece that puts Nicole Richie to shame.

9. The pre-Bedazzler bedazzling band.

10. This asymmetrical accessory that stands out amongst those cascading locks.

11. This demure floral piece with accompanying ribbons. Adorbs.


12. This double diamond structure that offers almost as strong of a glare as her eyes.

13. This dainty crown that can barely be seen in Queen Catherine's hair because it's full of secrets.

14. This embroidered and beaded headpiece that proves Mary really wins the headband game.

15. (Except for this wedding headpiece, but we'll pretend, Mary.)


16. This lovely gold and ruby decorative piece.

17. This scrolly adornment that also massages Mary's temples.

18. Catherine's charcoal headpiece that matches her soul. (Sorry, not sorry.)

19. This turquoise daisy item that flows effortless into those messy braids.


20. The mistress' pristine pearl piece that isn't fooling anyone.

21. This pearl double helix and leather structure that perfectly exhibits Mary's sweet and saucy sides.

Tune in for the headbands and drama when Reign premieres, Thursday, Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.