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16 Rankings From 2014 That Deserve Another Look

From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies to Best Picture winners to Buffy characters and episodes, here are BuzzFeed Entertainment's rankings from 2014. Ironically, these are presented in no particular order.

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

1. 85 Best Picture Oscar Winners Ranked —Kate Aurthur

Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed

Some movies are The Godfather, and some are Crash. The comments section is open for yelling! (Note: If that FAIL badge is any indication, yell they did. Also, Kate Aurthur will be placing 2014 winner 12 Years a Slave in this ranking the near future, so look out for that!)

2. 117 Buffyverse Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best —Adam B. Vary

Justine Zwiebel for BuzzFeed / Via 20th Television

All the major and semi-major and small-but-still-made-a-semi-major-impact characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, ranked in reverse order of excellence. This is going to be controversial! (Note: If that WIN badge is any indication, it was not.)

3. The Definitive Ranking Of Teen Romance Movies —Emily Orley, Jaimie Etkin, Anne Helen Petersen, Alison Willmore, and Erica Futterman

Universal Pictures

There’s no love like the first.

4. Ranking The "Orange Is The New Black" Characters By Likability —Louis Peitzman


It’s not a matter of what they did so much as who they are. Here’s how the inmates, prison employees, and family members on Orange Is the New Black stack up. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

5. 7 Teen Movie Dystopias, Ranked By Coziness —Ariane Lange

Lionsgate / Via

A timeshare in Panem doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world.

6. Ranking The Characters On HBO's "The Wire" By Likability —Kelley L. Carter

"Ain’t nobody got nothing to say about a 40-degree day."

7. The 101 Best Movie Dance Routines Of The Last 35 Years —Jarett Wieselman

Chris Ritter / HBO

"God wouldn't have given you maracas if he didn’t want you to shake 'em."

8. The Definitive Ranking Of The Men On "Gilmore Girls" —Emily Orley

The CW / Via

Wherever Luke leads, you know you'll follow.

9. All Of The Marvel Studios Movie Villains, Ranked From Worst To Best —Adam B. Vary

Adam B. Vary for BuzzFeed / Via Marvel

Being boring is bad, and not in a good way.

10. The Definitive Ranking Of "Bones" Season Finale Cliffhangers —Ariane Lange


What the hell just happened? Beware: Spoilers for all nine season finales!

11. The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Channel Original Movies —Jaimie Etkin and Hillary Reinsberg

Hillary Reinsberg for BuzzFeed / Via Disney Channel

We're all in this together.

12. The Definitive Ranking Of Every Episode Of "The Wonder Years" —Louis Peitzman

StarVista Entertainment

"What would you do if I sang out of tune?"

13. Every Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Movie, Ranked From Worst To Best —Emily Orley and Jaimie Etkin

Warner Bros.

The You're Invited series is a whole other ball game.

14. Every Meryl Streep Performance, Ranked From Worst To Best —Jarett Wieselman

Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed

With 60 roles and 18 Oscar nominations (not to mention three wins) throughout her nearly 40-year career, Streep is considered our greatest living actress — but which of those performances should be considered her best? (Note: On Dec. 29, this will be updated through Into the Woods.)

15. Ranking Every Episode Of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" —Louis Peitzman

UPN / Via

Seven seasons, 144 episodes, so many feelings. This is one attempt at ranking every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from worst to best.

16. The First Decade Of "Real World" Houseguests, Ranked From Worst To Best —Jarett Wieselman

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed / Via MTV

Here's to the people who stopped being polite, started getting real, and made television history in the process.