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    Pitches In My Phone 2018

    Here is a list of joke, sketch, or article pitches in my phone's notes. They are on this list if I don't remember what they are supposed to mean, or can't figure out how to make them work. They appear here exactly as they are in my phone. Enjoy

    -Shakespeare monologue competition: guy who has no rhythm

    -The clumsy stagehand; knocks over china, drops speakers, etc.

    -Fruit breast implants poster on subway...old lady with gourds?

    -Flirting ideas, bound by magic, to credit roommate everytime used

    -Character: guy who loses stuff

    -Gregory Michael Bauk: gets girls over to his place with pizza, thinks The Rock is the greatest entertainer of all time, invites everyone over for pizza and wrestling. Sometimes known as "The Baukness Monster"

    -Girl throws up on catcallers as defense mechanism

    -Person thinks she understands something and then jokes about it then questions it herself???

    -Napoleon parody comedy musical

    -"This is not unlimited pancake day. It's national pancake day. it's an entirely different event, get out of my face"

    -"Did you have any banana bread? It has godiva chocolate in it. It also has bananas and bread in it"

    -Coloring group therapy. Someone keeps drawing nsfw pictures in kids coloring books. Talk it out & display in adult group therapy. Drawings get worse & worse.

    -Bad theater goer characters. Bring blocks of mozzarella and dil harvarti to the opera

    -Dan Smith will teach you guitar. GAME???

    -911 operator has aspurgers or something. says in appropriate things & cant empathize. (is that offensive???)

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