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Pitch Ideas

Pitch Ideas: Should I use these?

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1. Ten things you should know how to do by the time you're 25

Be able to get stains out of your own clothes, cook yourself a nice dinner, open a bank account, shop for health insurance, etc

2. Neighborhood bar smackdown

Which bar is the best in Bushwick? Who has the cheapest drafts in Hell's Kitchen? These are the best bars in each area of the city. You're welcome.

3. The Hippest Gay In Town

Weekly (or monthly) piece interviewing an up-and-coming lgbt public figure. Bands, comedians, actors, politicians, underwater basket weavers, etc.

4. How to travel for mad cheap

best time to buy airline tickets, best time to buy bus tickets and when you should use which. How to book a place to stay without going into debt.

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