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These People Are Absolutely Done With Killer Clowns

Clowns are freaking people the fuck out and these motherfuckers are absolutely done with their shit.

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Clown sightings have been freaking people out for months and the public is starting to panic and fight back. These people are 1000% over it.

Like these kids who rumbled at midnight with a clown posse.

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It's like the Sharks vs. The Jets, except the Sharks are Teenagers and the Jets are murderous clowns.

Or this cop who went fisticuffs with a clown

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Should that cop know how to throw a better punch than that?

Or These Fuckers Who Tried To Pull This Shit In Compton

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"You think this is funny? It's really not, man"

Or These Guys Who Ran Over A Clown And Then It Got Up AND RAN AFTER THEM

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Give him an A for Tenacity I guess.

Bottom Line: Be Careful if you see a clown. Be careful if you're the asshole dressed as a clown. Everyone is throwing punches and the world is going to end.

I blame Donald Trump.

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