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    5 Reasons I Refuse To Be Afraid Of A Trump Presidency

    We will not, we will not, we will not let him scare us.

    5. He's historically a democrat and used to be besties with the Clintons. If nothing else, he has that going for him. Let's just hope that monster is still human somewhere inside. And that they can somehow still influence him.

    4. He doesn't know how government works and Paul Ryan (and the rest of their shit-show of a political party) hate him. If the Obama Administration proved anything, it's that it can be nearly impossible to get anything done while in the White House. Let's run with that.

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    3. The majority of Americans (just barely) didn't want him to win. If the public remains fired up and outraged, keeps tabs on policies, calls their congressmen and continues to VOTE in every election, we can start to see real change for the better.

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    2. Donald Trump is nothing more than a Bully, and bullies only respond to strength. So we should be prepared to be much stronger going forward. And he should be prepared for that.

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    1. #TheKindnessProject

    We have to believe that people are still good and this country can still move forward. Do one kind thing each day for someone you love. Do five kind things each day for strangers. Be compassionate. Hold the subway door when you see someone running. Smile at each other. Pet that dog that lives in your building. Thank your roommates for making coffee. The world can still be good and it has to start small. Be the change. Small steps can start to make big differences. "When they go low, we go high" #TheKindnessProject

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