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    5 Great Things To Talk About At Thanksgiving Instead Of Politics

    Because the holidays are so extra this year that we literally can't even

    1. The fact that Michael J. Fox Nailed A Guitar Solo At A Parkinsons' Fundraiser

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    Wharf Rat / Via

    Michael J. Fox played "All Along The Watchtower" alongside Dave Matthews at the Funny Thing Happened On The Cure Parkinsons event, and he fucking aced it.

    2. This family that is also 1000% done with the political climate

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    What a fun (and weird) family bonding activity they did.

    3. This dog who meets his favorite toy in person and loses. his. shit.

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    I just. The dog. And Gumby. Such love. Many happy.

    4. Ellen being awarded the Medal of Freedom

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    Ellen crying while being awarded this medal is exactly what we all needed. Thanks Ellen. Thanks Obama.

    5. This Thanksgiving sketch that will ALWAYS be relevant.

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    We need Adele to bring us together now, more than ever.

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