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    Humans of Paris is doing for the City of Light what Humans of New York did for the Big Apple. A way to show that the Parisians' reputation for being obnoxious is not (totally) true.

    1. Because their bad reputation is (a bit) exagerated.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    If France and Paris have a reputation as some of the most beautiful places in the world, the French - and the Parisians most of all - are somewhat less popular. But they are, like all of us, humans, diverse, and they deserve to be known better - and what better way to do that than going in the streets to meet them ?

    2. Because they all have stories to tell.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    "I'm passionate about soccer, and I missed out on a huge opportunity in my life. I could have become a professional, but I didn't make it because of my grades. I regret it to this day. If I had known, I would have worked harder..."

    3. Because they have awesome moustaches.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    Say what you want, the French have been at the forefront of the moustache scene for generations now. And yes, they will twirl it sometimes.

    4. Because Parisian kids are a special kind of cute.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    "Are you gonna post this on Facebook ?"

    5. Because they are more than what they seem.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    "I lead a double life. During the day, I’m a press secretary. At night, I become an actress with the stage name Minnie Valentine. I’m also a photographer, singer, presenter, planner of parties, and a nude model.

    - What are your best qualities?

    - Adaptability and versatility.

    - And your biggest weakness?

    - My hyper-activity.

    - What advice would you give to someone that wants to live life like you do?

    - Don't be afraid to get started.

    - What is your favorite place in Paris?

    - The steps of the Sacré-Cœur. There's nothing like sitting there in the summer with a beer. Its romanticism is free, so it's accessible to everyone."

    6. Because they attract awesome people, and not just for the food.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “I'm from Amsterdam, but I moved to Paris to study fashion because you can’t in Holland.”

    - Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?

    - I’d like to be a jewelry designer. Probably in Europe.

    - What kinds of jewels do you want to work with?

    - My mother's from India and so is my nose ring. I’d like to adapt Indian jewels for Western customers. I think there's a real business there."

    7. Well, ok, the food does play a part.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    "I'm an intrepid traveler and a passionate eater. I've crossed both the United States and Europe by train and France twice by bicycle. I even went from Brooklyn to Woodstock, NY by bike!

    - How do you think your travels have influenced your projects?

    - I'm actually trying to combine my two passions: food and travel. I'm currently developing a culinary tourism start-up company for travelers and students with a fellow student from NYU fellow. The idea is to discover places through their food.

    - How do you want make that happen?

    - Well, I entered a competition organized by a Swiss airline. They offer the winner the chance to be their travel blogger and travel the world for 6 months. I would love to share my experiences with everybody through my texts, photographs, and videos. But for that, everybody has to vote for me!”

    8. Because they are sometimes completely random.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    Is he a flower peddler ? A musician ? A retired biker ? Who knows ?

    9. Because they are (surprise!) romantics at heart.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “We met seven years ago on this bridge. Three and a half years ago, we got this dog. Three and half years later, we’re about to have our first child.

    - Girl or boy?

    - It’s a girl.

    - What's her name going to be?

    - It's a secret! We haven’t told anyone."

    10. Because even the kids can throw shade.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “What’s your favorite thing about your daughter?

    - She’s my best achievement.

    - What’s your favorite thing about your dad?

    - …

    - You're asking her too much.”

    11. Because old Parisian ladies are awesome.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “You photograph Parisians? I think you've met the right person because it's hard to find someone more Parisian than me! Paris culture and life run in my veins. I've lived in Paris since I was born!”

    12. Like, really awesome.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    "How long have you been together?"

    Him: "68 years."

    "Wow, that's a long time."

    Her: "Yes. We have three children, six grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren."

    An ambulance passes by with a very loud siren.

    Him: "That pisses me off."

    Her: "Calm down darling, you'd be fine with it if you were in the ambulance."

    13. Because they are more open-minded than you think.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “I grew up in a suburb where people were pretty close-minded, especially about homosexuality. I was more or less rejected, so I decided to move to Paris by myself. I ended up in an association called Le Refuge that helps young homosexuals who have nowhere else to go. I took dance lessons there, never expecting that the teacher would eventually become my boyfriend."

    14. Because they treat waiters like human beings.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “What more could we ask for? We work in a lovely restaurant, where all the waiters and most customers are really nice. We're done at 11pm, which is pretty early compared to other restaurants. For instance, we worked on Christmas Eve but were also able to celebrate with our families!”

    15. Because they are strong-willed people with hearts of gold.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    “What do you think about Christmas?

    - It’s really commercial and actually pretty fake. I’m a nurse in an intensive care unit, and Christmas is so far from the hard reality I experience everyday.

    - What’s the saddest part of your job?

    - I see people dying everyday. But it’s even harder when those people are kids.”

    16. Because they are creative (Paris is the city of arts, after all).

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    "We're fashion designers and we're studying in London."

    - That sounds amazing!

    - Yep, it is. By the way, we'd love to drop in a quote from Albert Einstein. 'True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.' That's what we think our job should look like."

    17. Because they have been places.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    Her: "We do like Paris, but just for two or three months a year, during summer. We've been retired for 17 years and have been able to travel for the rest of the year."

    "Where do you mostly go?"

    Him: "We've been to Asia a lot, especially India. We start the year in the south of the country, then, when it gets warmer, we move to the north. We've done that for many years. We've seen children grow up from one year to the next. We've met wonderful families. We've been to beautiful places."

    "How would you describe India?"

    Him: "It's another planet for someone from the Western world."

    18. Because they love the freedom to express who they are (and look great doing it).

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    This guy is a regular at the Paris Fashion Week, and comes every year in a new dress.

    19. Because in a (very) busy city, they find the time to chill and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    A beautiful garden, good music, the setting sun on your face... All you need to feel alright with the world.

    20. Because the cliches that says they are good-looking are actually true.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    Noticed how we refrained to put that at the top of the list ?

    21. Because you can meet them from your living room.

    Humans of Paris / Via Facebook: HOPAIP

    The Humans of Paris book is currently being crowdfunded - you can take a peek, help the project and get your own here. With the Humans of New York one, it's the start of a great collection...

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