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15 Gorgeous cosplays by Shunsuke

If you don't know Shunsuke, you need urgently access his social media accounts. He's one of the best cosplayers in the whole internet. Visit the page on Facebook: Shunsuke Cosplay or follow the profile on Instagram: @shunsukecosplay. Below, check 15 pictures that will leave you with your mouth open!

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1. Rin Matsuoka - Free!

2. Matt - Death Note

3. Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

4. Ferid Bathory - Owari no Seraph

5. Sangwoo - Killing Stalking

6. Light Yagami - Death Note

Alexander Kolomietz

7. Takashi Komuro - HOTD

8. Snow Villiers - FFXIII Lightning returns

9. Squall Leonhart - Final Fantasy

10. Makoto Tachibana - Free!

11. Nick Wilde - Zootopia

12. Zero Kiryuu

13. Kanesada - Touken Ranbu

14. Tsurumaru - Touken Ranbu

15. Reno - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

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