13 Essential Things In Every Villain’s Toolkit

If you’ve got a wicked streak and ambition to burn, villainy might be the career for you. Here’s our guide to getting a leg up in the baddie game. After all, it’s #GoodToBeBad in the F-TYPE Coupe by Jaguar.

So you’ve got a grudge against the world…

…or maybe you’re greedy enough to rule it.

Congratulations: Your new career as a high-powered villain awaits!

MGM / United Artists / Via bellecs.tumblr.com

1. You’ve already legally changed your name:

Courtesy of Ross Fowkes / Via Twitter: @Rossaluss

2. Next, you’ll need a henchman. A scary one.

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3. And an imposing base of operations.

4. Also key: an evil laugh.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch / Paramount / CBS / Via s146.photobucket.com

5. Every good villain has their own distinct look.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via ofcoursebane.tumblr.com

6. If in doubt, an eyepatch is always good…

7. …and a symbol that sums up your evilness — think “tentacles.”

8. Some hired muscle helps, too.

9. And, of course, a pet that’s as dastardly as you are…

10. …or a doomsday weapon (with an obvious flaw).

CBS / Via geekologie.com

11. Elaborate traps are essential — especially ones with animals.

12. Or your own flashy fighting style.

13. And when things go wrong, have an escape plan — because, after all, you’ll be back…

Via masterofasia.tumblr.com

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