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10 Beverages You Didn't Know You Were Drinking Incorrectly

Still drinking wine from a mug? Stop that. If you're going to imbibe, do it right. Start with the Shotmeister - the perfect Jägermeister dispensing machine. Keeps that tasty stuff convenient and ice cold.

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1. Beer


Ah, a nice brew. Serve it somewhere between 45-55°F into a cold (but not frozen) glass. Pour it at a 45° angle, but straighten out enough to leave somewhere between a 1/2"-1" head. Easy peasy.

2. Iced Tea


You can have this tasty summer treat sweetened or unsweetened, sure. But keep in mind - certain parts of the South will laugh in your face if you attempt to order an unsweetened iced tea.

3. Wine

Mind your glasses, now. For a full-bodied red, aim for a glass with a wide, round bowl. It lets the wine breathe. For a white, go for a more narrow glass. It keeps it chilly longer. Regardless - red or white - hold the glass by the stem, not the bowl, got it?


4. Japanese Tea Ceremony


A traditional tea ceremony is extremely varied, nuanced, and complicated. A green tea called Matcha is served, and some of the ceremonies can last up to something like four hours. Ain't nobody got time for that.

5. Coffee


We get it. Early in the morning, sometimes you couldn't care less what your cup of joe tastes like. But hear me out. Always grind your beans yourself, and use a burr grinder, moments before you decide to brew. And lean towards the manual methods of brewing. French press, Chemex, Moka pot, or even the vacuum pot, which is what you're looking at right now.

6. Kombucha


Kombucha is a fermented form of sweetened tea, and it has all sorts of health benefits. The key to making your own kombucha is to grow a quality "mother" - the yeasty disc that is used to make all future batches. Make a good mother, and you're set on the Kombucha front. Forever.

7. Sparkling Water, Seltzer, and Club Soda


What's the difference? Does it matter? Yeah, it does. Sort of. Sparkling water is usually just naturally carbonated mineral water. Seltzer is regular ol' water that's been artificially carbonated. Club soda is essentially seltzer + a little sodium. Put seltzer and club soda in highball drinks, but enjoy sparkling water on its own. Stay classy.

8. Afternoon Tea vs. High Tea


In Britain, they down tea like it's oxygen. That we know. However - there's a structure. Afternoon Tea is a fancy. High tea is not. High tea is actually just dinner. So be conscious of your tea consumption, lest you offend some Brits. Just kidding. They don't care.

9. Champagne

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Champagne is best enjoyed from a tall, thin flute glass. But feel free to do like Mr. Gatsby up there, and use a coupe glass instead. Oh, and word to the wise - if it didn't come from the Champagne region of France, it's not Champagne. It's sparkling wine.

10. Sake


When serving sake to your dinner guests, pour some in each glass, but don't pour your own. It's the responsibility of your guests to fill your cup. And if you're of a higher status than your guests, pour with only one hand. Say "Kanpai" to toast, and imbibe. But don't shoot it - sip it, you animal.

Enjoy your Jägermeister ice cold, friends.


This known spirit is technically a digestif - an alcoholic beverage best served after a meal. It's at its absolute best when it's ice cold. Serve it somewhere between -3°F and -5°F - preferably from a tap. Enter Shotmeister.

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