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The Waiting Game: When Do You See The Impact Of Marketing?


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Patience [pey-shuh ns] (noun) – the quality of being patient, an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

William Langland taught us in his poem “Piers Plowman” that patience is a virtue. Similar to the Latin expression “maxima enim, patientia virtus” (patience is the greatest virtue), we come to learn that it is important to have patience in our everyday lives, and we also can tie it into a business aspect as well.

In the business world, we use what is commonly known as marketing, being the greatest form of advertising. But once you’ve done all the steps to ensure that you have marketed your business in the best way possible, how long is the wait before you should expect to see results? Let’s take a look and see what we’re working with.

Data Collection

Data is one of the most crucial parts of marketing. It’s how many businesses – big and small – find out if their marketing strategies are working. Now we have already asked the question: when do you see the impact of marketing? By collecting data, you will be able to see your progress of incoming clientele and/or orders you may have. We must remember: being productive and being effective are two very different things. From data, we can see exactly what is effective, and what is not. Collecting your data over time will give you an idea on what time span does your clientele and business traffic increase.

Plan of Action

If you have a good strategy, you should be able to see development more quickly than if you have a mediocre or no strategy at all. But what makes a good strategy? In blueprinting a strategy to market, identify your target audience and how they obtain their information. For example, if you’re providing a cleaning service, chances are a 14 year old who enjoys skateboarding isn’t going to be your ideal candidate to sell to. Unless you enjoy being shot down of a business deal.

Financial Effort

How badly do you want your business to grow? If you answered “very badly” then chances are you’re willing to or already investing into your business; keep in mind however to invest wisely, as there are many out there hungrily wanting to scam those who have weak marketing or simply sucker a person to believing anything they promise yet don’t deliver. If you’re willing to extend your budget, you will begin to see faster results. Now, we’re not saying that you should invest your whole savings account into your business; just enough to reach your target market. We can’t decide the number for you, it’s all about the effort you want to put in your business.

Your Engagement

Do you follow up with your clients? Do you make them feel appreciated and remembered? Or once the clock hits 5PM you forget that you even had a business to begin with? With owning a business, overtime is a mandatory requirement if you’re looking to see results. A customer likes and needs to feel special. It’s key to make sure you keep their loyalty for life; even if it means buying them a random gift card at the 6 month mark of them being your customer because you value their business. But sometimes that’s not the case. Even remembering their name will give the customer the view that you took the time and effort to remember something about them. In a business, remembering your customers name can make a deal of difference in how your customer feels about working with you. Almost like a blooming relationship, every little detail in how you treat them counts for brownie points in the long run.

After a lengthy explanation, we’re sure that you’ve been searching for an exact number. The truth is, results will vary. It’s up to you to determine when you will see impact from your marketing, however with a good strategy and following the steps above, you should be able to see a glimpse of reaction within six months. But keep in mind, “patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

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