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The Legal Hustle: Tips And Tricks To Improve Your E-Commerce Site

It's about to go down.

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You’re sitting on your couch, or better yet, you’re lying in bed lazily while you scroll through Facebook with one hand, the other, underneath your pillow as you let time go by. You realize it’s about time to check on that website of yours. It’s been a few hours and hey, maybe there’s been some activity while you’ve been away being productive by commenting on Bobby’s Instagram photos. As you load your website you begin to think about your success, your future, and what it might hold if this really lifts off the ground. But just as you’re dreaming, you come to see that nothing really has changed since the last time you checked your site.

Frustrated, you begin to think of strategic ways on what exactly you could do to make your site better. Stronger. Amazing. And most importantly: profitable.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to help boost up activity and even sales.

The Magic of Upselling

Fancy word, isn’t it? Upselling. A sales technique used when a sales associate or agent offers other add-on items in addition to something already bought or about to be bought. For example: you’ve gone to your local cellphone store and decide to purchase a phone. Before finalizing the purchase, the seller or sales associate takes this as the perfect opportunity to offer you headphones, a phone case, an additional charger, phone charms, screen protectors, or whatever the case may be. This my friends, is called upselling, the best technique known to man to bring in profit and, of course, the technique that most store managers cannot stress enough of. But what happens when you’re not exactly in front of the customer to try and upsell an item? What happens if a customer decides to go shopping on your site at 3am while you’re fast asleep (or binge watching OITNB on Netflix?)

Companies like Amazon and Walmart utilize this technique by offering bundled options before adding items to their carts. Let's take purchasing an iphone for example. Usually, at the bottom of the picture, there's a "Frequently Bought Together" header. It'll show you the phone + a screen protector, and the option of adding both to cart.

By offering the addition of a screen protector before making the final purchase, it gives both the buyer and seller an open window opportunity; the seller has another item sold while the customer enhances the protection of their new device, for a few extra dollars.

Shoe Placement

No, you read right. Shoe placement. Place yourself in the customers’ shoes. You’ve shopped online before, right? What is it exactly that you love from a website that you would like to have on yours? What makes it easier for you to shop online that you think would also benefit your customer? Are there features that you love from a certain website that you would like to have on yours? Or perhaps it’s the way it – the website – speaks to you. Maybe you desire to make your website more comfortable for the age appropriate crowd (depending on what you’re selling). Whatever the case may be, make sure that your site is a site that you’re comfortable navigating. If you’re not happy with it, chances are others aren’t happy with it either.

Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, not many people possess such a gift. So if your website takes a while for it to load, chances are your customers are going to head to another webpage before they even hit your home page (we got you with that loading gif, didn't we?) An article on DoubleClick found that a 5 second loading time verses a 19 second loading time made a big difference on whether or not a person even waited for the page to finish loading. A page that loaded in 5 seconds rather than 19 seconds had 25% higher ad viewability, 70% longer average session, and 35% lower bounce rate. Don’t know exactly how long it takes for your site to load? Using sites like GTmetrix analyzes your sites speed and gives you insight on what to do to make it better. Another good tip is making sure that your site is accessible while on mobile. Illustrated in a survey done by the PewResearchCenter, 68% of adults have smart phones. And remember, the younger generation keeps on growing and growing, which means that number will soon grow and grow, too. So keep that in mind while deciding whether or not to make your site mobile friendly.

You decided to treat yourself today. Congratulations! Now it’s time to decide which restaurant you’re going. But instead of going out and driving around until you come across a semi-decent location, you decide to do some online research. You come across Restaurant A’s site. A beautiful homepage that decorated with delicious looking meals. You see your favorite plate: Salmon. And it looks divine! But… before you can set your eyes on Restaurant A, you decide to do a little more research. You come across Restaurant B’s website. Not only did their site take forever to load, but it looks as though a toddler had designed the sites theme and layout. The pictures look like they’ve been taken from a cell phone. It doesn’t even look like any effort had been made to make it look a tad bit decent. And worst of all, it doesn’t look appetizing. AT ALL. So naturally you go with Restaurant A and end up having a fantastic time.

You know that saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, it’s worth that and more if you know how to go about it. Even at a glance, you can turn away customers just by how your website is laid out. A chef not only focuses on the taste of the meal, but also on its presentation to its customer. Think like a chef; how would you like for your website to be presented to your customer? Would you like to serve it on a silver platter with a side of satisfaction guarantee? Or would you rather plate it on a used paper plate with no napkins? The choice is up to you.


Most older adults have older model items: phones, computers, house hold utensils, even clothes. Now, a person that doesn’t want to update their appearance to the new era or generation normally don’t have a problem living life. But when it comes to a website, it’s important to make sure that it’s updated at least every two weeks. How so? Marketing new promotions, updating your inventory, moving old items into the Sale or Clearance page and adding new items. Perhaps adding a new video every week to your site and getting customers engaged will really pull traffic in. Whatever choice you make, it’s important that you continue to update your page, because who really wants to visit a page that hasn’t changed a bit since World Series of ’79? Updating = Frequent customer visitation and re-visitation.

Be the social butterfly

So now you’ve followed the steps above and you’ve added new photos, updated your inventory, added some fancy tools to help your customers navigate through your page and you even linked the customer comments to your email address. Great! But, what if your website isn’t enough? Of course, it’s gotten much more traffic since you made the upgrade, but now it’s time for us to look at the bigger picture:

Last year (2016), a whopping 78% of U.S. Americans had a social media profile. If we were to calculate in numbers how many people that would be… let’s just say it’s an estimated 2.5 billion estimated by 2018. And that’s not the only thing. For social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, they each have over 200 million users (Facebook with 1.59 billion alone since December 2015). Can you imagine the outreach you would have if you were to connect your page with just ONE social media platform? Don’t believe me? Look for yourself:

These minor improvements to your e-commerce site are known to make a huge difference in traffic flow and the look of your site overall. Always remember to keep the customer in mind whenever making any changes to your site and think about the benefit you will have as well. Now that you’ve given this article a read and have given yourself a break from Bobby’s Instagram photos, you’re ready to launch you’re newly improved site! Are you ready? Are you sure? Positive? Then go get ‘em! And remember: if you develop habits of success, you will make success a habit.

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