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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Thanksgiving

Thank you, Internet.

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1. When you ask your grandma what she made for Thanksgiving dinner:

Grandma went off #SundayMorning #Church #thanksgiving #UNameItChallenge

Via Twitter: @ArtOfMusic_

2. When you have to be first at the table to get the best piece of Turkey:

3. When you finish your first serving of food so now it's time to shuffle back to the kitchen for round 2:

Me walking into the kitchen on Thanksgiving

Via Twitter: @chilltweetss

4. Close is just never close enough.

5. When you spent too much time filling up your plate so now you have to sit with your baby cousins:

6. When this happens then you think "wait until they see me get THIRDS of dessert"

7. When you realize that Trump actually won the election and that's going to be the main topic of conversation this Thanksgiving:

8. U.S. Election talk continued...

9. When you are having a side conversation with one family member then suddenly it gets silent and everyone is listening:

10. And now the topic of conversation changes to 21 questions about your life:

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