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24 Ways To Take Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger

Step 1: Hire a photographer to follow you around at all time. Who is always taking pictures of those girls?

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Dana Schwartz

1. Practice the casual gaze off to the side.

Nicolette Mason / Via

Stare into the middle distance like you're contemplating existence itself. If possible, stand in front of a bright background.

2. The gaze to the side is essential. / Via

3. Especially if you gaze off to the right while in front of a brick wall.

4. Advanced move: looking to the right while laughing.

Extra credit for the graffiti background.

Stare at the ground like you dropped your insurance card and you have no idea how you would get a new one. / Via

6. You really need to find that insurance card. / Via


8. Pretend the ground just reminded you of a hilarious inside joke.

9. "Oh ground, you're my best friend."

10. Mirror your image like you're posing with your own sexy identical twin.

11. You and your sexy twin should ideally look like you're the leading ladies of a weird new Bond movie.

13. Or an 80's superhero show.

14. Make sure your followers know what beverage you're drinking at all times.

18. Avoid being seen without your sunglasses.

19. They are your constant companion.

20. Inside, outside - it makes no difference.

21. You need your sunglasses.

22. You love your sunglasses.

23. You and your sunglasses are one.

24. Sunglasses are your family now.

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