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Worlds First Side By Side Double Backflip

Las Vegas, June 4th- MGM Grand, Garden Arena, History was made when action sports stars Cameron Sinclair and Travis Pastrana performed perfect side by side double backflips in front of a sold out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

jadeg2 • 8 years ago

World First - 11 Year Old Storm Gale Jumps Gigant-a-ramp

Exclusive Nitro Circus Live World Record Video Australia's Storm Gale became the youngest person at age 11 to ever successfully ride the Nitro Giganta Ramp on a BMX and the longest distance ever for his age at 45ft, during the sold out Gold Coast Nitro Live Show with Travis Pastrana and all the Nitro gang in attendance. Storm went on to win the MVC award for the most valuable rider during the show as voted by all the riders all at the tender age of 11

jadeg2 • 8 years ago