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    • jadeangel2757

      first off,iam an educated female all for women’s equal rights (equal, not superior) so spare me your bullshit about “slut shaming” or “you don’t understand because you’re notavagina”. women need to calm the fuck down about other people’s feelings regarding pretty much anything that can be construed as negative towards women. let’s think about this forasecond. does he haveapoint? is he allowed to feel irritation over those he considers to be fake? what is wrong withaperson who dislikesawoman who goes toaconvention strictly to get attention from men they consider to be easier to impress (i’d be offended, wereIsaid men) by showing off their bodies? (he explicitly states there are exceptions to the rule)? jesus christ. in the words of dave chapelle, if you don’t want to be generalized as someone who “whores herself out” then don’t wearagoddamn whore’s uniform. or at least stop fucking bitching about it becauseidon’t want to hear it, no one else wants to hear it excepting the women who want to justify their behavior and have the whole goddamn world be okay with it. god if you want attention, go do something productive, like volunteer atafree clinic, write an amazing song, or make an elaborate costume showcasing your skills that doesn’t have two holes for your tits to hang out. or you know, just shut the fuck up and come to terms with the fact that not everyone has to love you. /endrant

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