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23 Unexpected Ways to Revive Your Junk

If it ain't broke, maybe it should be.

1. DIY Bead Magnets

2. Trophy Wine-Bottle Topper

3. Tchotchke Mosaic Mirror

Instead of keeping your memories in a box in the closet, show them off!

Get inspired by this one on sale.

4. Upcycled Football Cacti Pots

5. Broken Jewelry Cuff

Mix up all those busted baubles into some fresh arm candy.

Check out all the steps here.

6. Piano Table

7. File Cabinet Storage Chest

In case you were wondering what spring cleaning looked like, it's this.

See all the steps to clean up your act here.

8. Hand Chain Bracelet Ring

9. Guitar Case Shelf

The perfect shell to showcase your stuff.

Get inspired by this available-to-buy version.

10. Fork Tine Cheese Markers

11. Key Finder Purse Hook

Even those broken flatware handles can get a second life.

See different styles available here.

12. Broken Tea Set Garden Stone

13. Bike Wheel Pot Rack

14. Bike Chandelier

And if you have more than one old bike lying around, change gears and give them a new life.

Get inspired by this awesome installation here.

15. Broken Mirror Wall Art

16. Denim Stuffed Animal

17. Random Notions Wall Art

18. Broken Spindle Tabletop Decor

Put it on a base, stick something on top of it: instant rustic decor!

Check out nine other things you can do with them as well.

19. Mosaic Light Switchplate

20. Clip-On-Earring Wall Art

21. Upcycled Golf Club Driver Business Card Holder

22. Pillow Case Made from Men's Shirt

23. DIY Dog Bowl Chairs