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23 Unexpected Ways to Revive Your Junk

If it ain't broke, maybe it should be.

Lindsey Campbell / Via

1. DIY Bead Magnets

Virginia / Via

You don't have to part with your favorite bracelet, even though it's in a million pieces.

Learn the steps here.

2. Trophy Wine-Bottle Topper

Jennifer Perkins / Via

Proof that you are first place in sports, drinking, and creativity.

Get the full tutorial here.

3. Tchotchke Mosaic Mirror

ShineArtsGallery /

Instead of keeping your memories in a box in the closet, show them off!

Get inspired by this one on sale.

4. Upcycled Football Cacti Pots

Sarah Peel / Via

Trash to treasure the green way.

Get the details here.

5. Broken Jewelry Cuff

Lindsey Campbell /

Mix up all those busted baubles into some fresh arm candy.

Check out all the steps here.

6. Piano Table

7. File Cabinet Storage Chest

Haydee Letonja /

In case you were wondering what spring cleaning looked like, it's this.

See all the steps to clean up your act here.

8. Hand Chain Bracelet Ring

Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

That lonely earring and broken necklace are reincarnated as your new favorite piece of jewelry.

9. Guitar Case Shelf

JimbosGuitarShelves /

The perfect shell to showcase your stuff.

Get inspired by this available-to-buy version.

10. Fork Tine Cheese Markers

SimplySilverr / Via

Give your forks a classy afterlife.

Check out great examples here.

11. Key Finder Purse Hook

GoGreenVintageStyle /

Even those broken flatware handles can get a second life.

See different styles available here.

12. Broken Tea Set Garden Stone

Lisa Henderson / Via

From "oh, crap!" to "oh, wow!"

See the steps here.

13. Bike Wheel Pot Rack

hippieeats / Via

Go ahead and pot a wheelie (see what I did there?).

Learn how to make it here.

14. Bike Chandelier

Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock /

And if you have more than one old bike lying around, change gears and give them a new life.

Get inspired by this awesome installation here.

15. Broken Mirror Wall Art

Rebekah Greiman / Via

Turn seven years of bad luck into something beautiful.

Get to smashing here.

16. Denim Stuffed Animal

CraftyLeftyGirl / Via

Your favorite jeans may have ripped, but they don't have to stop making you smile.

Get the pattern here.

17. Random Notions Wall Art

Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

Thomas Edison once said, "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."

18. Broken Spindle Tabletop Decor

Jeanette Chaney /

Put it on a base, stick something on top of it: instant rustic decor!

Check out nine other things you can do with them as well.

19. Mosaic Light Switchplate

kellylynnaaron / Via

Flip the switch from crap to crafty!

Have a lightbulb moment after checking out this version.

20. Clip-On-Earring Wall Art

Disney / Via

Perk up your walls with those lonely clip-on earrings at the bottom of your jewelry box.

Check out nine other things to do with them here.

21. Upcycled Golf Club Driver Business Card Holder

TheKickStand / Via

Your dad will love this.

Check out different styles to make him proud here.

22. Pillow Case Made from Men's Shirt

MaidenJane / Via

Your favorite cozy flannel shirt can go from your back to your bed.

Learn how to make one here.

23. DIY Dog Bowl Chairs

Jacque & Matt / Via

A wobbly, creaky chair for you; now a functional piece of furniture for your pets. It's a win-win!

See all the steps here.

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