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The ABCs Of "Doctor Who"

A is for angels... Don't blink!

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A is for Angels:

Don't blink when they pretend to cry. Cause they'll zap you back in time so you live until you die.

B is for Bad Wolf:

BBC / Via

She is very pretty, I must honestly say. And doesn't need to huff and puff to blow your existence away.

C is for Cybermen:

BBC / Via

Upgrading you is their sole mission. Don't let them do it, or you'll be beyond recognition.

D is for Dream Lord:

BBC / Via

He's a tricky son of a gun. The only things more annoying are his ridiculous little puns.

E is for emperor of the Daleks:

BBC / Via

Davros is evil and full of hate. He commands all the Daleks to exterminate.

F is for fez:

BBC / Via

Gotta love a fez — wearing one is fun! Why in the name of sanity can't you walk past one?

G is for Gallifrey:

BBC / Via

"Gallifrey falls no more" — at least that's what they say. But finding where it's hidden, ah, that will be the day.

H is for Harkness, Jack:

BBC / Via

He cannot die, yes, this is true. But what you really want is for him to say hello to you.

I is for Impossible Girl:

BBC / Via

It was Clara Oswald who jumped in the Doctor's time stream. And it is Clara Oswald who is much more than she seems.

J is for Jones, Martha:

BBC / Via

It was tough for Doctor Jones, but she had to walk away. And thankfully she found the real Mr. Smith to call her bae.

K is for K-9:

BBC / Via

The lovable tin dog who served his master without fail. Now living with Sarah Jane, and it's her adventures he does detail.

L is for London:

BBC / Via

Keep calm and carry on is what most Londoners do. But for all the times he saved them, they owe the Doctor a big thank-you.

M is for Master:

BBC / Via

The Master, or rather Missy, as she now likes to be called, is the most corrupt Time Lord, and their race should be appalled.

N is for Noble, Donna:

BBC / Via

The most important woman in the universe, though she seems just a sassy temp. And her fate as a companion will most certainly have you verklempt.

O is for Ood:

BBC / Via

Telepathic servants who are only here to please. And hearing their sweet, sweet song will put your tortured soul at ease.

P is for Ponds:

BBC / Via

Amy, Melody — and yes, Rory too — hold the Doctor in the highest esteem. They are his family, and throughout all of time, for them he will go to extremes.

Q is for Queen Bess:

BBC / Via

Poor, good Queen Bess, she thought she was the first. Poor, jilted Queen Bess for the Doctor she wishes the worst.

R is for Rose Tyler:

BBC / Via

Nineteen years old, bored in London, with a crazy mum like Jackie. Running away to be with Doctor doesn't seem all that wacky.

S is for sonic screwdriver:

BBC / Via

A highly versatile tool that aids the Doctor as it should. Although it's very complex, it does not have a setting for wood.

T is for TARDIS:

BBC / Via

The Doctor "borrowed" this Type 40 TARDIS to see the universe on a whim. But after all the years they've been together, it was her who really picked him.

U is for U.N.I.T.:


Unified Intelligence Taskforce first run by the Brig and now his daughter. They stop attacks on the Earth and other premeditated alien slaughter.

V is for Van Gogh:

BBC / Via

He met the Doctor and Amy in 1890 when others thought he was crazy. He took the sorrows of life and made beautiful art — how exactly, the details are hazy.

W is for Wilfred Mott:

BBC / Via

For the Doctor, good ol' Wilf was loyal through and through. And his heart was broken when he had to bid him adieu.

X is for X, Elizabeth:

BBC / Via

Elizabeth X, aka Liz Ten, has ruled for a century or two. And her logic of enslaving and forgetting the Star Whale was definitely askew.

Y is for Yana, Professor:

BBC / Via

Professor Yana, working hard in the bunker before his cover was blown. But the sound of the drums was too strong to bear, beating "YOU ARE NOT ALONE."

Z is for Zygons:

BBC / Via

They are smelly, shape-shifting monsters whose treachery should not be dismissed. They even managed to trick the Doctor and sneak in a quick little kiss. 😘

And now you know the ABCs of the Doctor and I hope it was fun. But in case you forget, the only thing to do is grab his hand and start to...

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