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27 Geeky Interior Designs You'll Want To Re-Create

May the force be with your contractor.

1. Tardis Murphy Bed

The Stubby Thumb /

Perfect for guests who dream of seeing all of time and space.

2. Disney Quote Stairs

Hiya Papaya Photography for House of Turqouise / Via

Go the distance in the most magical way.

3. X-Men Suite

Victoria Court / Via

For some much needed rest after searching Cerebro for bad guys.

4. Avengers-Themed Apartment

Pretty sure this is where the Avengers assemble in Stark Tower.

5. Spaceship Home Theater

Modern Home Systems /

Catch a flick while cruising through deep space.

6. Portal-Inspired Living Room

Geometrix Designs / Via

This living area is perfect for when you leave the remote in the other room.

7. Hobbit Hole Bedroom

Middle-earth living at its finest.

8. 20,000 Leagues-Inspired Home Theater

Dillion Works / Via

Make sure the popcorn in the theater is fresh before you head 20,000 leagues under the sea.

9. Batcave Hotel Room

Eden Motel / Via

A complete lair away from home.

10. Castle Moat Murphy Bed

TinyTownStudios /

Because your home is your castle...literally.

11. Star Wars-Themed Nursery

Where future Jedi sleep.

12. Pirate Ship Bedroom

Kuhl Design and Build /

How many times do you get to tell someone "walk the plank, then make a right" to get to the bathroom?

13. Pac-Man Bedroom

Just don't spill any ghost meat in the bed.

14. Space Fighter Pilot Bed

Posh Tots / Via

Defend the galaxy without leaving your room.

15. Cosmos Living Room

Gadget Flow / Via

An out of this world living room, if I do say so myself.

16. Starry Bathroom

Baldr / Via

Let the stars guide putting the seat down.

17. Cockpit Bedroom

Favaro JR. Favaro Junior CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: favarojr

You're clear for a safe landing into dreamland.

18. Tangled-Inspired Bedroom

It's like your birthday never ends when you can see the lanterns every night.

19. Portal Bedroom

Lauren Jennings /

Not just any Portal bedroom, THE Portal bedroom.

20. Futuristic Pod Room

Chris 73 / CC-BY-SA http://3.0 / Via

Pretty sure Korbin Dallas lives here.

21. White Tree of Gondor Front Door

Fan Mehmet has an amazing stained glass door of the White Tree of Gondor!

One door to enter them all!

22. Lost's Dharma Initiative Nursery

M&J's Collection

For sleeping and diaper changing breaks during orientation.

23. '80s Arcade Home

Chris Kooluris / Via

Player one is definitely ready!

24. AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed

BykManDan / Via

All terrain for all your dreams.

25. Batcave-Inspired Home Theater

A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple as making this epic home theater.

26. Steampunk Kitchen

CORE / Via

Zeppelin in the kitchen? Why not!

27. Lego Playroom

Everything about this room is awesome.