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27 Geeky Interior Designs You'll Want To Re-Create

May the force be with your contractor.

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4. Avengers-Themed Apartment

Pretty sure this is where the Avengers assemble in Stark Tower.


7. Hobbit Hole Bedroom

Middle-earth living at its finest.


11. Star Wars-Themed Nursery

Where future Jedi sleep.


13. Pac-Man Bedroom

Just don't spill any ghost meat in the bed.


18. Tangled-Inspired Bedroom

It's like your birthday never ends when you can see the lanterns every night.


21. White Tree of Gondor Front Door

Fan Mehmet has an amazing stained glass door of the White Tree of Gondor!

One door to enter them all!


25. Batcave-Inspired Home Theater

A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple as making this epic home theater.

27. Lego Playroom

Everything about this room is awesome.