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    17 Genius Small-Space Garden Ideas

    A little green thumb goes a long way.

    1. Plant your herbs together.

    2. Make a self-watering planter out of old water bottles.

    3. Make a kokedama.

    4. Upcycle leftover tins into makeshift planters.

    5. Hang plants from the ceiling.

    6. If the ceiling isn't an option, post them on the wall.

    7. Group smaller plants together for a garden menagerie.

    8. Put them in the bathroom.

    9. Do it for the vine!

    10. Use plants as book ends

    11. Get a self-contained gardening device.

    Miracle-Gro / Via

    The AeroGarden can be set up on any tabletop and is soil-free so there's no mess.

    12. Invest in plants that have a small footprint and grow up, instead of out.

    13. Get a tiered plant stand to maximize space.

    14. Bag it up!

    15. Make a terrarium.

    16. Mix it up.

    17. Repurpose a canvas over-the-door shoe rack

    pippa5 / Via

    This space saver hung outside is perfect for displaying a bunch of plants using minimal space.

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