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39 Museums Around The World To Visit Before You Die

"The first time I was there, I @#*%ing cried.”

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which museums they think everyone should visit. Here are the top suggestions:

1. EMP Museum

Where: Seattle

"Incredibly immersive and amazing — instruments to learn about, instruments to play, instruments playing themselves, a level about horror movies, a section on music videos, indie video games…I could spend days there." —alisony

2. Newseum

Where: Washington, D.C.

"The ONLY paid museum in D.C. that I've truly thought was worth it. You wouldn't think a museum dedicated to news would be so fascinating, but I spent hours there poring over everything." —Susan Fry, Facebook

3. The Mütter Museum

Where: Philadelphia

"It’s little, but filled with ALL THE CREEPY BODILY THINGS. Like the Soap Lady and part of Einstein’s brain." —catherinea4bad3ee55

4. The Walt Disney Family Museum

Where: San Francisco

"Every visit feels like a magical, behind-the-scenes tour of Disneyland." —Jenny Bakos, Facebook

5. Museo Picasso Málaga

Where: Málaga, Spain

"It’s located in Picasso’s city of birth in a beautiful building dating back to the 16th century. It has an incredible collection of priceless Picasso masterpieces." —morganc4ec35facb

6. Ringling Museum of Art

Where: Sarasota, Florida

"It combines two circus museums, the gardens, as well as a fabulous art collection. It sits on the water so you can relax on the terrace and see dolphins and other marine life. #bestmuseum." —rachelm4f1d31d51

7. Lennusadam

Where: Tallinn, Estonia

"The museum is located in a huge former seaplane hangar. There’s a big submarine and some interactive things there! Totally worth visiting!" —ernolll

8. Canadian War Museum

Where: Ottawa

"Each section focuses on a different conflict, and you are completely immersed. You walk through no man’s land, storm the beach on D-Day, and walk through a Cold War bunker. Absolutely amazing." —katiev89

9. The Barnes Foundation

Where: Philadelphia

"It has the largest collection of impressionistic paintings outside of Paris." —greekTVgeek

10. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Where: North Adams, Massachusetts

"A hidden gem in the most beautiful part of the state housing a seriously impressive rotating collection of contemporary art." —tessf4494c6231

11. Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

Where: Portland, Oregon

"There’s a chem lab, planetarium, robotics demos, brain games, physics stations, and ever changing exhibits. Easily the coolest place in Portland." — destinystegall

12. National Museum of Crime and Punishment

Where: Washington, D.C.

"If you like blood, gore, and creepy crime-related stuff, the Museum of Crime and Punishment in D.C. is a neat stop (they have Bonnie and Clyde's bullet-riddled car, serial killers' artwork, and other neat stuff)". —Juliet Landeck, Facebook

13. The Dali Museum

Where: St. Petersburg, Florida

"The new building is a work of art itself. Seeing his paintings in person is mind-blowing!!! Some are 15 feet tall." —melanieh4d6281026

14. The Field Museum

Where: Chicago

"Home of Sue — the most complete T. rex ever found — the man-eating lions of Tsavo, and much more!!!" —lizzettee

15. Musei Vaticani

Where: Rome

"In my opinion, they are the most amazing collection of art in the world! From Ancient Egypt through the Middle Ages and Renaissance to modern art. And this labyrinth of beautifully decorated rooms and corridors makes it even more amazing!" —emiliaw4cd90fca6

16. Tate Modern

Where: London

"It’s an old electrical facility that was stripped on the inside to be an indoor space for installation. It’s an amazing place to view the installation space from different angles and explore different eras of art." —annap43335e0be

17. The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel

Where: Memphis

"It's moving, educational, and incredibly well-done exhibits about some upsetting periods in history." —erks1985

18. The National WWII Museum

Where: New Orleans

"It gave me a whole new appreciation for what happened during World War II." —jennifers43b924f85

19. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Where: Dallas,

"They have so many exhibits! You can create music, do scientific experiments, experience earthquakes, create your own bird, see how fast you run compared to dinosaurs, and so much more!" —robynb47e048e38

20. House on the Rock

Where: Spring Green, Wisconsin

"One of the most fascinating and eccentric museums." —dizzyizzy316

21. Victoria and Albert Museum

Where: London

"It’s not so big that it’s overwhelming, confusing, or hard to see everything it offers. It has some amazing pieces and really beautiful artwork. I mean, pages from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook?! Awesome!" —tldybas

22. Bakken Museum

Where: Minneapolis

"It’s all about electricity and has a spooky Frankenstein show." —babydolllolita

23. Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

Where: Washington, D.C.

"Not only does it have some awesome photography, it has the COOLEST sculptures. The place is huge and every section is unique. A must if you’re visiting D.C." —jessicagalazn

24. Titanic Belfast

Where: Belfast

"It utilizes technology and visitor interaction in such a unique way. And there’s a ride inside. Who wouldn’t love a museum with a ride?!" —rachels73

25. Shedd Aquarium

Where: Chicago

"It’s beautiful inside and out; an oceanic escape in the heart of a city." —simonel2

26. The Henry Ford

Where: Dearborn, Michigan

"Cars, famously designed furniture, and artifacts that signify historic changes in America, like the Rosa Parks bus, Lincoln's chair, and the Wright Brothers' cycle shop. Plus, newborn lambs — who doesn’t love newborn lambs?" —melsafoster

27. California Academy of Sciences

Where: San Francisco

"There's an indoor rainforest, an IMAX/planetarium super combo, and an amazing aquarium, all under one plant-covered, living roof. They are constantly creating new every visit is a new adventure." —Hannah Creque, Facebook

28. City Museum

Where: St. Louis

"It’s every adult’s dream playground." —Samantha Fong

29. The National Museum of History

Where: Mexico City

"It's in a castle on top of a hill, in the middle of a forest, that sits in the middle of the city. It overlooks the city skyline, and the grounds are beautiful. The first time I was there, I fucking cried." —Berenice Reyes Hernandez, Facebook

30. Worcester Art Museum

Where: Worcester, Massachusetts

"Every time I see the giant mosaic on the floor, every time I take a deep breath in the pottery room and smell the smells of ancient relics or get to see the armory donated by Higgins Armory, I just get butterflies in my stomach." —micheladelpo

31. The Frick Collection

Where: New York City

"It's an old family's house and collection that got turned into a museum after the patriarch's death. BEAUTIFUL artwork and STUNNING architecture." —Jill Ryan Haer, Facebook

32. International Spy Museum

Where: Washington, D.C.

"Coolest museum there is, hands down. There’s an exhibit where you can crawl through an air vent, which pretty much EVERYONE has wanted to do at one point in their lives." —stephanieh4690622cd

33. Museum of Broken Relationships

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

"Incredibly interesting and one of my favorites that I’ve been to! People from around the world mailed in items that reminded themselves of their broken relationships with a blurb about what happened." —marissas4a407bb65

34. Museum of Islamic Art

Where: Doha, Qatar

"The most beautiful museum I’ve ever seen." —avaawesome

35. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Where: Washington, D.C.

"It's incredibly impactful and stays with you forever. They have shoes that people would have to take off when they arrived at the concentration camps, covered in tar to preserve them. They even have a section that helps some younger children better understand the Holocaust. It’s a place that taught me more in two hours than I ever learned in a history class." — miak4291b1e2c

36. American Visionary Art Museum

Where: Baltimore

"They have fart art, a 15-foot pink poodle, and a full mosaic school bus!" —hannahmariep

37. Mattress Factory

Where: Pittsburgh

"So many awesome installations and an artist-in-residence program! But the star, in my opinion, is the Infinity Dots Mirrored Room." —Erin Kelly Powell, Facebook

38. Musée de la Renaissance

Where: Écouen, France

"To get to it you have to take a train to the city it’s in, and then hike through a forest to arrive at the museum. The museum itself is beautiful inside and out. Plus, it isn’t well-known, so one can expect to roam around the once château in silence and solitude. Truly wonderful." —tarah447a2382b

39. Museum Island

Where: Berlin

"While it technically isn’t a museum itself, there are lots of amazing museums there, including art and history museums. The buildings themselves are amazing too." —mariahm8

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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