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18 Pieces Of Toast That Will Make You Want To Get Up In The Morning

Best thing since sliced bread, obvs.

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1. Whether you like to keep it classic...

2. Stick to breakfast foods...

3. Or indulge your sweet tooth...

That's s'mores toast y'all!

4. Toast is literally the best thing since sliced bread.

double crunch!

5. You can keep it healthy.

7. Or kick it up a few notches.

8. Doesn't matter if it's beautiful...

10. Just put it in your mouth!

Artichokes are the new avocado.

11. No matter if it's a quick snack...

An eight-minute egg, crumbled kale chips, avocado, and chili flakes are the mid-afternoon protein push you need to get you through to the weekend.

15. A little imagination...

16. It can be sweet, savory, spicy, or everything in between.

18. And we'll even let it slide if you get crumbs in the bed.

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