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17 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For New Moms

Mama's got style.

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Sam Dao / Via Thinkstock

A bold lip always looks polished and will distract from any shirt stains. And using a lighter eye shadow or pencil along the brow and lower lid will create a more open and well-rested look — even if a screaming infant suggests otherwise.



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You can heat them up in the microwave while the bottle is heating up on the stove, and then just toss them when you're done. Time it right, and it will probably be when you're throwing out that smelly diaper anyway.


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You get two styles in one! First, braids will keep your hair out of your face while hovering over the changing table as the conditioner really soaks in. Then, you have nourished and wavy strands when you take the braids out.


Alexander Shalamov / Via Thinkstock

If you're making your own baby food, why not whip up a healthy and vitamin-rich snack for yourself as well? Helps keep you nourished and goes with you from room to room while rocking the baby to sleep.


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When that glorious day comes where you can enjoy a glass (or three) of red wine, make sure to pop on a pair of teeth-whitening strips in the morning to keep your pearly whites in perfect peek-a-boo form.