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    Here's An Insanely Easy Way To Fold A Blazer

    So freakin' simple!

    We're all adults here, but taking proper care of business attire is next-level grown-up.

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    You didn't sleep in your suit, but for some reason it always looks like you did.

    Thankfully the folks at Trunk Club have the best how-to guide to keep you looking dapper AF.

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    Just because you flew across the country for an interview doesn't mean you have to look like it.

    Step 1: The "tuck and swoop"

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    With the inside of the blazer facing you, tuck the top of one shoulder in and swoop the other shoulder inside.

    Step 2: Smooth it out

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    Make sure everything is lying flat and smooth, with no weird creases.

    Step 3: Roll 'n' go!

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