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21 Inconsiderate Sleeping Partners

Let sleeping dogs lie...they're not going to move for you anyway.

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1. Sleeping dogs are the cutest thing ever.

Awww, she's so exhausted from being so adorable.

2. But anyone who owns a dog knows it's a lot less like this...

3. And a lot more like this.


4. And while not every dog bed is meant for a person...

5. Every person bed is meant for a dog.

6. That is, if they even leave room for you.

"You can't sleep with us!"

7. So something as simple as an afternoon nap...

8. Can quickly escalate into a very uncomfortable situation.

"Keep your eyes closed, it's not morning yet."

9. For real, how are you supposed to get up?

Because it's proven that all dogs suddenly gain 100 pounds in their sleep.

10. In times like this, going anywhere is completely out of the question.

I really hope you don't have to go to the bathroom!

11. So is falling back to sleep.

12. And breathing.

I think we found the cause of your sleep apnea...

13. You are totally going to regret feeding Fido those table scraps tonight.


14. And even if your fur baby has its own designated spot on the bed…

15. Nothing is as comfortable as on your pillow...

18. Or on you AND the pillow.

Only one of them is comfortable right now.

19. But at the end of a long day...

20. You'd let them sleep anywhere they want...

21. As long as it's with to you.

Thumbnail via Chrispy Fish Inc.

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