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42 Geeky Kitchen Items You Need Right Now

Utensils ASSEMBLE!

1. Star Wars Five-Piece Wooden Utensil Set β€” $19.59 for a set of five

TheSevenYearStitchUK /
TheSevenYearStitchUK /

These are the spoons you're looking for.

2. Marvel Comics Hero Cookie Cutters β€” $49.95

Amazon /
Amazon /

Be the bake sale's mightiest hero.

3. Adventure Time Adult Apron β€” $34

spoolofsugar / Via

What else would you wear when making bacon pancakes?

4. Captain Picard Ceramic Cookie Jar β€” $44.99

Entertainment Earth / Via

One more cookie won't violate the Prime Directive.

5. NES Cartridge Cutting Board $40

CuttingBoredom / Via

Perfect place to chop up all those mushrooms.

6. Tardis Embossed Rolling Pin β€” $39

MJRollingPin / Via

Rolling through time and space never tasted so good.

7. Adventure Time Embossed Rolling Pin β€” $39

MJRollingPin / Via


8. Pokemon Pikachu Cookie Cutter β€” $10.90

Smiltroy / Via

Gotta eat 'em all!

9. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Salt and Pepper Set β€” $19.99

Entertainment Earth / Via

For when your food needs about 20% more flavor.

10. Star Trek Chef Apron β€” $34.65

WellLaDiDaAprons / Via

Live long and pasta.

11. Doctor Who Owl Hot Pads β€” $22 for a set of two

Timestitcher / Via

So you don't burn down the Tardis.

12. Batman Candy Bowl Holder β€” $32.99

Entertainment Earth / Via

The Candy Crusader!

13. Spirited Away Cookie Cutter Set β€” $9

War Zone Prints / Via

Even Yubaba can't say no to these.

14. Watchmen Rorschach Toaster β€” $39.99

Entertainment Earth / Via

Make an impression on breakfast.

15. Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs β€” $31.60

Hot Topic /
Hot Topic /

Be the best griller on all Tatooine.

16. Superwomen Hero Half Apron β€” $28.95

AnniesAttic / Via

A BAMF in the streets and the kitchen.

17. Harry Potter-Inspired Tea Towels β€” $4

jskennedy / Via

The perfect size for covering those treacle tarts before tea.

18. Nazgul Band Cutting Board β€” $38

PyroAndGraphy / Via

One board to chop them all.

19. Star Trek USS Enterprise Spatula β€” $24.99

Entertainment Earth / Via

Boldly go where no omelette has gone before.

20. Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold β€” $11.99

ThinkGeek / Via

For those Wizards of the Cocktail.

21. R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser β€” $14.99

ThinkGeek / Via

You love soy sauce. I know.

22. Robin-Inspired Costume Apron β€” $55

JamakurasCreations / Via

The soufflΓ© wonder bakes again!

23. My Neighbor Totoro Cutting Board β€” $39.18

FrodoInWonderland / Via

All your neighbors will be envious.

24. Star Trek USS Enterprise D Pizza Cutter β€” $17.99

ThinkGeek / Via

Pizza. Pepperoni. Hot.

25. Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser β€” $19.98

BBC Doctor Who Shop / Via

You need a strong cuppa to go with those jammy dodgers.

26. Firefly Cookie Cutters β€” $11.99

ThinkGeek / Via

Captain Tight Pants will have to loosen his belt for these treats.

27. Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Toast Rack β€” $79

Amazon / Via

Keep your toast crisp before the big Quidditch match.

28. Star Wars Limited Edition R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set β€” $31.04

Amazon / Via

Helpful in kitchens near and far, far away.

29. Fireball Mario Bros Cutting Board β€” $90

CuttingBoredom / Via

Power up your chopping skills!

30. Doctor Who Tardis Ice Bucket β€” $24.99

Entertainment Earth / Via

Keep your drinks cold while you get wibbly-wobbly.

31. Star Trek 6-Ounce Stainless Steel Flask β€” $19.96

Gag Gifts / Via

Federation approved.

32. Lego Heroes Cake Decorating Silicone Mold β€” $15

StaceyDecor / Via

Everything about this is awesome!

33. Tetris-Inspired Bites and Pieces Crust Cutter β€” $10.96

Gag Gifts /
Amazon /

Curb your cravings with delicious Tetriminos.

34. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Veggie Peeler β€” $18

Hot Topic / Via

Sonic waves not included.

35. Lord of the Rings Tea Set β€” $250

OpheliasGypsyCaravan / Via

Fellowship of the Brew.

36. Luna and Artemis Costume Aprons β€” $80

darkballoons /
darkballoons /

In the name of the moon, I will whip you up a snack!

37. Star Wars Vehicles Pancake Molds β€” $4.97

Williams-Sonoma / Via

This makes it totally acceptable to play with your food.

38. Portal 2 Cookie Cutters β€” $19.60

Hot Topic /
Hot Topic /

Because you now have a craving for lemon cookies.

39. Battlestar Galactica Coaster Set β€” $14.99

ThinkGeek / Via

Perfect for holding a drink after you rolled the hard six.

40. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister β€” $29.99

ThinkGeek / Via

The mother of all junk food.

41. Star Trek-Inspired Unisex Full Apron β€” $24.99

ThinkGeek / Via

Available in Command Gold, Science Blue, and Ops/Security Red.

42. Scientists Are Awesome Cookie Cutter Set β€” $15.50

War Zone Prints / Via

A delicious kitchentime odyssey.

College Humor / Via