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    29 Geek DIY's To Make Right Now

    Spread love, that's the geeky way.

    1. Dalek Journal Cover

    See all the steps here.

    2. Wooden Geeky Maps Wall Art

    3. Upcycled Comic Strip Bangles

    4. Lego Pencil Holder

    5. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Charms

    Watch the step-by-step here.

    6. RPG Dice Earrings

    Check out all the steps here.

    7. Piranha Plant

    8. Doctor Who-Inspired Painted Heels

    9. Shrinky Dink Game of Thrones Badges

    10. Geek Dishes

    11. Doctor Who TARDIS Phone Charging Station

    See all the steps here.

    12. Abacus Bracelet

    13. Pixel Heart Necklace

    14. Death Star Disco Ball

    15. Tetris Shelves

    16. Adipose Plush

    17. Darth Vader Hoodie

    18. Polymer Clay Rainbow Dash Figurine

    19. Zelda Pop-Up Heart Card

    20. Comic Book Lamp

    21. Captain America Flying Shield

    22. Calcifer Plush

    Learn how to make one here.

    23. Comic Book Shoes

    24. Interchangable Lego Death Star Clock

    25. Sailor Moon Bow Necklace

    26. Etched Superhero Glasses

    27. 8-Bit Coasters

    28. Soot Sprite Pom Poms

    Learn to make your own here.

    29. Embroidered Magic The Gathering Notebook