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19 Board Games Adults Will Actually Want To Play

Put Monopoly back in the closet. You're better than that.

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2. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Plaid Hat Games / Via

Kind of like the board game version of The Mole, Dead of Winter is a game in which you and your fellow players have to work together and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. But you all have your own secret objectives that may let everyone win, or kill you all in a blaze of glory.

3. Legendary

Upper Deck Entertainment / Via

In this game set in the Marvel Universe, you have to defeat classic villains like Loki, Magneto, and Dr. Doom. Whoever has the most points is the true hero of Earth's mightiest heroes.

There's also a Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, and all villains version as well.


7. Takenoko

Asmodee / Via

Another great game if you don't have all day. Appease the emperor by taking care of his bamboo garden while completing your objectives (seven to nine depending on the number of players). Also, giant pandas.

8. Lords of Waterdeep

Wizards of the Coast / Via

Yes, this is technically a Dungeons and Dragons board game, but there is no need to bust out your cape and use a different voice (unless you really want to). You only have eight rounds (about an hour) to collect treasure, complete quests, and rule over all.


11. Bang! The Bullet Card Game

Da Vinci / Via

"The Outlaws hunt the Sheriff. The Sheriff hunts the Outlaws. The Renegade plots secretly, ready to take one side or the other." A game you will play again and again. Bonus points if you're wearing a cowboy hat and poncho.

12. Pandemic

Z-Man Games / Via

A cooperative game, where you play to your character's strengths and plan strategies to eradicate deadly diseases that overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. Either everybody wins, or everybody loses.

13. Smash Up

Pair up different factions to take over bases, then the world! With 20 different faction decks all with different gameplay powers, the game is different each time you play (unsolicited advice: Always pick wizards and bears — trust me).


15. The Resistance: Avalon

Indie Boards and Cards / Via

If you are a fan of King Arthur and Merlin — and let's face it, who isn't? — this is your game! Full of secret identities and deception, you have to use your powers of deduction to figure out who among you is the agent of evil.


19. Arkham Horror Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games / Via

Something weird is going on in Arkham, Massachusetts. You and your fellow players investigate the horrors brought about by the diabolical servants of the Ancient Ones, including Ithaqua, Hastur, and the Cthulhu. Feel free to turn on every light in the house before playing.