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    19 DIY Easter Eggs That Don't Require Actual Eggs

    Because who really wants to eat all those hard-boiled eggs?

    1. Easter Egg Bath Bomb

    2. Emoji Eggs

    These foam eggs are keepin' it 💯 % crafty!

    3. Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

    4. Easter Egg Fabric Card

    5. Paint Chip Egg Garland

    6. Embroidery Floss Covered Eggs

    7. Antiqued Silver Eggs

    8. Easter Egg Felt Board

    9. Easter Egg Puzzle Cookies

    10. Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

    11. Egg-Shaped Yarn Wreath

    12. Paper Egg Garland

    13. Wooden Watercolor Eggs

    14. Wired Easter Eggs

    15. Matisse Cut-Out–Inspired Eggs

    16. Pom-Pom–Covered Egg

    17. Pokémon-Inspired Eggs

    18. Washi Tape Egg Cards

    19. Russian Nesting Doll Eggs