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18 Eye Roll Responses Every "Old" Person In The Office Has Given

I'm older, not elderly.

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1. The "YOU'RE HOW OLD?" eye roll.

2. The "OMG, you have so much experience" eye roll.

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I should fucking hope so.

3. The "I want to date someone old, like 32" eye roll.

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Why are you even discussing your love life with me?

4. The "don't you remember this song from middle school?" eye roll.

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If by middle school, you mean sophomore year of college then, yes.


5. The "well, once I'm in my 30s I will have it all worked out" eye roll.

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That's cute.

6. The "you are so emotionally intelligent" eye roll.

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WTF does that even mean?

7. The "ugh, [fellow older coworker] is so old, they just don't get it" eye roll.

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You have no idea that I'm the oldest person here, do you?

8. The "you're always working so hard" eye roll.


Nope, just working.


9. The "OMG how did you guys do things without computers" eye roll.

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10. The "let's do shots at happy hour!" eye roll.

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Ha! Yeah, you go ahead and get started on that.

11. The "aren't you a little old for that" eye roll.

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12. The "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22" eye roll.

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Like, who are you?


13. The "have you seen those cute platform sandals that just came out" eye roll.

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I did...18 years ago.

14. The "what's a 401k?" eye roll.

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Oh honey! You hate working now, just wait till you're still doing it at 80.

15. The "I don't want to get old! I'll be 26 in three years!" eye roll.

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16. The "I'm surprised you know what that is" eye roll.

17. The "don't you just love Colton Haynes?" eye roll.

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Do I look like a babysitter?

18. The "do people over 30 even work at startups?" eye roll.

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Girl, bye!