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14 Hard Ciders That Are Even Better Than Beer

Beer? Beer who?

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1. ACE Premium Hard Ciders

Based in Sonoma County, they have been holding their own next to top winemakers for 15 years. With seven tasty ciders, including pumpkin, the flavor is anything but basic.

2. Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider / Via

In addition to the classics, Crispin has created a line of artisanal reserves, which includes "The Saint" — it smells like a beer but added maple syrup adds a sweet smoothness to the fruity tang.

3. Foggy Ridge Cider

Treating their apples as a winemaker does their grapes, the apples are grown specifically for their tannins, giving even their sweetest ciders a bit of bite.

4. Westcott Bay Traditional Cider

Washington is known for its fantastic apples, and the ones in Westcott Bay Cider are no exception. Made in the style of champagne, it is mildly sweet with fresh apple flavor and a smack of smoke.


5. Eden Northern Spy Ice Cider

Stronger than your average cider, Eden Ice Cider chills its apples in cold storage after they are picked, then the pressed juice is naturally frozen in the Vermont winter cold before it is fermented. Extra booze. Extra chill.

6. Farnum Hill Cider

When you put the juice of apples in an oak barrel like they do at Farnum Hill, the results are dry-to-extra dry ciders, with a spicy warmth.

7. Eric Bordelet Sidre

Fun fact: France is the number one producer of cider in the world. Eric Bordelet "Sidre" (they use the old school spelling) runs the orchard like a vineyard, creating a light amber cider, with bubbles and intense apple flavor.

8. Isastegi Natural Cider

De Maison Selections / Via

Another fun fact: the Basque region of Spain consumes more cider per capita than anywhere else in the world, and the way they pour it is insane! Isastegi Cider is a crisp and very tart concoction that will make you pucker up (in a good way).


9. Bellwether Hard Cider

The folks at Bellwether travelled through the cider regions of France for research before starting their operation, so they know their stuff. They make Champagne-style and non-sparkling ciders, both with a sweet yet refreshing apple taste.

10. Magners Irish Cider

Described as "exactly how cider is supposed to taste", the Irish cider ages their apple and pear juice in oak barrels for two years.

11. Samuel Smith's Organic Cider

Not to be confused with their beers (or the singer who is also a fan), Yorkshire's oldest brewery has stuck to its organic roots when crafting their perfectly balanced cider. It's just sweet enough to make you forget it's gluten-free and vegan.

12. Eve's Cidery

Their sparkling cider is double fermented and bottled by hand, so you can taste the TLC that goes into it. Their popular Autumn's Gold has rave reviews, the best being "deep golden pour with a little kiss of soft carbonation."

13. Wandering Aengus Cider

This Oregon-based cidery uses heirloom apples from France, England, and pre-prohibition America, so you know it's legit. Their five ciders are described as having “hints of tropical fruit,” “warm ginger tone,” and “rich honey aromas.” How is your mouth not watering right now?

14. Doc's Draft Hard Cider

WV Winery / Via

The mission at Warwick Valley Winery is "to create fruit based alcoholic beverages that are as unique as the fruits themselves." I know your mouth is already puckering happily at the thought of their Sour Cherry cider.