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    I Can't Explain It, But These 10 Things In My Shared Sorority Apartment Just Make *Sense*

    Who needs an interior designer when you have six sorority girls living in an apartment together...

    1. Stolen frat address

    an address plate on the wall

    2. Oversized-stuffed animals

    two giant stuffed animals

    3. Paddles as decor

    a purple painted paddle board

    4. Harry Styles pillow

    A Harry Styles sequined pillow

    5. Guy Fieri flag

    A flag of Guy Fieri that says "Flavortown"

    6. Countless shoes

    Pairs of shoes near the door

    7. Home bar

    A bar cart filled with alcohol bottles

    8. Stacked freezer

    A freezer filled full

    9. Instagram-ready mirror

    10. And priest cards

    a card with a priest's contact info