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8 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Have Bad Skin

Stop It. Stop It Now.

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1. Putting lots of products on your skin.

Wash with Cetaphil or Dove Soap. That's It!

2. Stop eating dairy.

I know. I love ice cream too. But the hormones and artifical products in dairy can cause your skin to break out.

3. Stop skipping sunscreen.

This is literally your only barrier to aging skin.

4. Take off your makeup!

Nights when you skip taking off makeup will cause breakouts like no other.

5. Get away from that sugar.

Sugar is another product that is likely to severly break out your skin.

6. Swap out soda for water.

Since our skin loses moisture as we age, we need all the water we can get.

7. Stop skipping your workout.

If you really want to improve your skin, start a daily workout. Not only will you feel good, your skin will glow after a tough workout.

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