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I ACTUALLY Tried All The Best Kitchen Gadgets...And Here Are My Faves

First let me preface this with the fact that someone recently asked me if I cook and I responded..."Does Seamless count?" But now I've converted, HALLELUJAH. Now, I love kitchen gadgets, you love kitchen gadgets, we ALL love kitchen gadgets. But which ones just look cool, and which ones are actually useful? Ah, the age old question. I tried a jillion, just in time for Thanksgiving, to see what the best kitchen gadgets actually are. Thanksgiving Day food prep can be stressful and overwhelming but these gadgets make it fun, and a little bit easier. Here’s my two cents (okay a lot of cents...I have a lot of opinions) on what the coolest kitchen gadgets actually are.

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The Spiralizer

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If you don't know what a spiralizer is, let me just change your life real quick. Sometimes called a zoodler, a spiralizer makes spaghetti shaped noodles out of whatever you put through it. My fave is obvi zucchini to make zucchini noodles aka ZOODLES! It's healthy, healthy, and just super yummy.

The Kitchen Active Spiral Slicer is an essential gadget and has two sides - one for thicker zoodles, and one for thinner ones. A word to the wise, use the thicker setting for softer vegetables i.e. zucchini, cucumbers, etc. Otherwise they kind of turn to pulp in the smaller side. But if you're making carrot noodles or something harder, the smaller setting is perfect. The Kitchen Active Spiral Slicer is pretty classic as far as zoodlers go. I was hoping this spiralizer would solve the time old problem of what to do with the butt of the vegetable you can't quite get through the zoodler without bloodying your fingers, but no go. There is an end piece that's supposed to help, but as we feared it just didn't work. The real plus about this kitchen gadget is the little brush it comes with to actually get out all the excess veggies. Don't judge me, but usually I'd just look away and pretend I didn't see all the gunk stuck inside and that is SO not ideal.

The Strainer

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I know what you’re thinking. A strainer is a strainer is a strainer. But hang on, give strainers a chance. The Silpoura Clip On Spout is, in short, THE BEST. Why did nobody think of this sooner? Strainers are so big and bulky and this lil babe is tiny and rubber and in short, necessary. You just snap it onto a pot of boiling water, or even a pan to drain any liquids. We tested ours on a box of Annie’s mac and cheese...ideal. None of the little shells slipped away and it was so easy to use. PLUS, then you don’t have to transfer the noodles back to the pot to stir up the magic. Oh, and speaking of Annie’s...if you don’t think a box is a serving please go reevaluate your life choices. Because it totally is. Put this on your list of best kitchen gadgets. So serious.

The Peeler

Joseph Joseph / Via

Peelers aren’t exactly the sexiest of gadgets, but they’re absolutely one of the best kitchen gadgets to have on hand. Have you tried using a knife to peel a cucumber? NO YOU HAVEN'T BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND PRODUCE.

My go to is the Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler. First of all it's so sleek and chic. Second, It has three different blades. THREE. If you thought that was overkill, let me assure you that it’s not. Each of the three blades leaves a different pattern. You never know when you’re going to need cucumbers with fancy edges for finger sandwiches. This gadget lit’rally works like a dream. This Thanksgiving, this has to be your tool for your veggie stick appetizer. I know there’s not a lot of straight veggies involved in Thanksgiving, but you need to use the coolest kitchen gadget on those carrot sticks to make them look appealing. Seriously, they have mashed potatoes to compete against.

The Mashers

Amazon / Via

I tested three potato mashers, which are a necessary gadget in any kitchen, on basic, peeled and boiled potatoes: The Oxo Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher, the World's Greatest Potato Masher, and The Joseph Joseph Delta folding potato masher. There's no question all three 'smushed' the potatoes very easily. Mashing potatoes is actually a great stress relief...but the awards go to...

...Joseph Joseph, winner of best design, for the brilliant and simple fold away design that stores easily in your utensil drawer or holder. This is a major bonus in my book because, in case I haven't mentioned it, my tiny NYC apartment kitchen is kinda lacking on the storage space quotient.

....The Good Grips, winner of best grip, was well, easy to grip (shocker!) but also really big and bulky. Even if you have lots of utensil drawers, it's unlikely to fit in standard height kitchen drawers. It produced funny shaped 'mashed' potatoes that required lots of twisting and turning to smooth out. Which is why the MVG (Most Valuable Gadget) award goes to...

....'The World's Greatest' because not only is it super fun to bounce up and down on the potatoes, it also made in super smooth mash. It too is on the larger bulkier side but would more easily fit in a utensil holder than the OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher. So our pick goes to the World's Greatest because maybe it really is the world's greatest masher.

The Dressing Mixer

Williams-Sonoma / Via

If I'm going to invest in a jar to make salad dressing, it better be good because my empty, upcycled jam jar has been working pretty well for me up to this point. This is a kitchen tool everyone should have though, so hear out our thoughts. The Chef 'N Salad Emulstir from Williams Sonoma has some bells and whistles that make it worth purchasing. It was very easy to use (and fun to boot). There are recipes on the side and TG because honestly, I always forget how many parts olive oil to vinegar (sorry mom). These easy to follow measurements are key. My only issue with this one was getting the herbs and salt and pepper into the top without dumping a bunch on the counter. The opening is a little small for a spice grinder. But once I did add all the salad dressing ingredients, the fun began as I simply closed the top (make sure to do that, your shirt will thank you) and squeezed the green handle. This thing really blends the dressing. And 24 hours later, straight out of the 'fridge, the dressing is still well blended and not congealed. #blessed

The Herb Cutters

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These things are GENIUS; They are the coolest kitchen gadget ever. Seriously. Anyone who's ever struggled cutting freshly cut herbs and then tried to dice knows, it's a total pain. Enter the Herb Cutters. The scissors are super easy to hold with a soft silicone handle for easy gripping and feature an even cooler design with a set of five, stainless steel blades that cut, chop or mince herbs Frankly, I thought these were kinda unnecessary. The gadget that clutters your kitchen drawer and never gets used. WRONG. They are a necessary gadget, and there's a reason I've been seeing them trend on for years. Because they really WORK. They are the kitchen tool everyone should have.

The Garlic Press

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A kitchen tool everyone should have is a garlic press. Forget trying to actually dice a garlic clove by hand; total nightmare. The Oxo Good Grip is, like so many of Oxo products, a kitchen dream come true. It easily crushed several garlic cloves and the smart 'flip' design make it simple to clean out. However our major complaint about this gadget is its weight. I was shocked when it arrived at how incredibly heavy it is. Now, you probably don't need to press THAT much garlic so we can't imagine it's going to make anyone tired (unlike a lot of really poorly made salad spinners), but it's a bit of a deterrent after a long day and you’re actually going to the effort of making something for dinner instead of eating another bowl of "supper" cereal.

The Avocado Slicer

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Where my basics at?! I'm recommending the Oxo Good Grips version because of the unique pit remover. The knife sliced easily into my avocado, the pitter safely removed the pit and the cutter sliced the avocado beautifully. If you’re as avocado obsessed as the rest of the universe, which I know you are, this is a necessary gadget to have in your kitchen.

The Rolling Pin

Joseph Joseph / Via

The Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin is the rolling pin to end all rolling pins. First of all, have any of you tried making Rugelach? For those who don't know, it's basically the Jewish version of a chocolate chip cookie except it's the hardest kind of cookie to make and Tollhouse doesn't make a cut and bake version. Rude. The dough needs to be rolled to an exact thickness before you cut it into triangles, layer on the chocolate chips, and roll it into a cylinder to bake. If the thickness isn't perfect you either have to scrap the whole thing and start over or the Rugelach is really ugly and your Bubbe would not be proud. Never in my life have I made a perfect batch...until I got the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin. This is the BEST kitchen gadget ever. There are 5 different settings to adjust the pin to to make sure you get Martha Stewart level perfection when rolling your pizza or pastry dough. And, it's only $20. ONLY $20!!! That seems like a small price to pay for Martha Stewart perfection right? Stop wondering where to buy the best kitchen gadgets and stick with Jospeh Joseph forevs.

The Wine Opener (Saved The Best For Last)

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You love wine, I love wine, Olivia Pope loves wine, it's a universally treasured libation that can unite any politically divided dinner party. But sometimes you're using the same vintage non-electric wine opener you've had since college (you know who you are) and then it takes forever and you have to be Hercules to actually get the cork out and then sometimes the cork breaks and then it’s all over and no one wants your gross cork wine. That’s why we had to try the Oster Electric Wine Opener.

We've used the new fancy electric more times than we’d like to admit in the past week and while the first try went less than the best due to user error, the next 10 tries went phenomenally (don't judge). All you do is put the cylindrical wine opener over the bottle press a button and BAM, cork is out in 10 seconds or less. 10 seconds. SRSLY we timed it. Buy it. Buy it now. It's the best and you get to your wine way faster.

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