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7 Pressures Of Posting A Bomb Ass Instagram Photo

How can something so simple be so complicated?

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1. Trying to Find Good Lighting / Via

We've always heard that natural lighting is best, but that advice means squat when you're trying to get the perfect post-drinks pic during a night out with the girls. Cue you all walking through every room trying to find the most flattering bright but not-too-bright lighting.

2. Taking the Photo(s) / Via

So you've found a good spot, but Becky keeps blinking while the picture is being taken and Sara won't stop rearranging her hair. And obviously you have to do multiple poses - "okay guys now a silly one!"

3. Picking Which Photo You Want to Post / Via

There has got to be a shot in the 82 pictures you just took where everyone will agree on posting? Right??

4. Editing the Photo / Via

Classic Valencia or the ever adventurous Gingham? Black and white, or keep it coloured? Brightness and contrast and saturation, oh my!

5. Tagging Friends / Via

Even after choosing a photo that everyone approves of there's still always someone who doesn't want to be tagged because of her "double chin". You could always just pull a Kylie Jenner and not tag anyone - there's more mystery that way.

6. Making Sure That You're Posting at the Right Time

Twitter: @Kingwole / Via

Remember when you were an Instagram noob and posted willy-nilly at all times during the day? Not after older and wiser insta-sisters informed you that posts get the most likes at around 8pm. Now you're a seasoned insta-professional like the rest of 'em.

7. Thinking of a Caption / Via

Truly the hardest part. How long does it take for one instagrammer to come up with a caption that is witty yet thought provoking yet effortless? Just putting a bunch of emoji's is always an option....but would a peach and a salsa dancing lady really convey the friendship that you and your besties have? S.O.S!

......Giving Up / Via

Who even has the energy for the brain power required to come up with a *perfect* caption anyways? Maybe you'll be able to think of something after having a nap.

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