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You'll Never Guess Which Celebrities Showed Up In Hamilton On Saturday

World famous punk band stop in at local Circle Jerk

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Wink Wink Nudge Nudge, the world famous punk band, made a surprise appearance at the Hamilton's annual Circle Jerk. In the middle of the infamous band's hectic one stop tour schedule Wink Wink Nudge Nudge made sure to stop in to the quaint little gig for some stylistic thrashing of what would normally be a modest event. Playing their complete catalogue of three songs and finishing off their set with their signature 'pretending their guitar broke' move, the band left the audience in want of more. The boys ware so inspiring that the little known local band Mobile Stud Unit's members jumped at the chance join them on stage, first getting over being star stuck of course. Ultimately it was such a privilege for Hamilton to have been graced with such an act. One could only hope that someday the band is kind enough to surprise us once again with far more enthusiasm and vigor as they flop about on stage ever so gracefully.

Albert the Drummer

Simon Travaglia

Voted People Magazines sexiest man alive last year, Albert finds it hard to get away from the stresses of being one of the worlds most photographed drummers. Albert Bannister was also in Rolling Stone last with a feature about successes and pitfalls of also being the band's manager.

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