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11 Pairs Of Glasses The Internet Should Give Orrin Hatch

Nobody should take the time to do this. But, if they did...

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If you wear glasses, you adjust them all the time.

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And, there's a good chance you've reached up to adjust them at least once to discover you're not wearing them. We've all done it. You feel dumb.

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So, I kind of feel bad that everyone is dragging Orrin Hatch for doing the same thing.

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But then I remember he voted against MLK day. So, maybe it's okay to give him a hard time just this once.

Usually, you get up to where your glasses are and then stop. You don't do PERFECT MIME WORK AND CONTINUE TAKING THEM OFF. Watch it again. It's insane.

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If someone had the time and ability, they could have a lot of fun VFXing some glasses onto Mr. Hatch. Here are a few options... all of which are available to download as 3D objects.

1. Heart Shaped Sunglasses For The Senate's Oldest Lolita.

coboide / Via

2. Throwback 3D Specs For Matching Hatch's Throwback 1950s Politics.

HDPoly / Via

3. Shutter Shades To Show Up 10 Years Late To A Trend.

Ultragrisen / Via

4. Snapchat Spectacles To Live Stream What It's Like To Be On The Wrong Side Of History.

Sorry, I'm not letting that anti-MLK day vote slide.
Cgkot / Via

Sorry, I'm not letting that anti-MLK day vote slide.

Let's take a quick break to remember how cuckoo-bananas that GIF is:

CNN / Via

Wow. So nuts. Here are some more glasses to imagine VFX-ing into that footage:

5. Douchey Blue Wrap Arounds For When You Want To Challenge Obamacare's Constitutionality.

Dmytro Kotliar / Via

6. Cat Eye Glasses For Lunch Lady Cosplay.

Turricano / Via

7. Gradient Glasses For Peacocking With Pick Up Artists.

Marc Mons / Via

8. Kinky Pink Handcuff Glasses To Make Filibusters More Interesting.

prodotti / Via

Okay, keep those glasses in your brain and now imagine them on this clip:

CNN / Via

9. Retro Safety Goggles Because They Seem Like He'd Actually Wear Them.

ralpatov / Via

10. Spiked Shades For That Senate Leather Daddy Look.

Simmons Innovative Designs / Via

11. Steampunk Goggles For Looking Like A Minion.

shiva3d / Via

If you're some kinda VFX wizard, you can download any of the 3d models above and place them onto Senator Hatch. While you're at it, here are some fun hats to go with them.